How to Reprimand Your Rock Star
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Oh goodness I cannot believe how much I liked this book and how hot and steamy it was. When I went into this book I did not expect any dominance or submissive actions to be in this story and when I found out it did I was a bit shocked, even more shocked when it had a spin to it but loved it as well.
Thea is the freshman basketball star at her college and after a heated game finds rock star Keaton Lowe in the locker room after her post game shower. Still only in her towel, basically naked she had commanded him to leave only prompting  him to stay and land a sort of date with her. Their relationship brings them to the point of Thea find her Dominant side to Keaton’s Submissive traits and so their story begins.
Sorry my short summary is so bland but that is basically the whole book, I am not trying to keep anyone from reading it because that is far from my point being that I actually loved this book to pieces! It was a shock because while I do like some BDSM books, it isn’t usually the first book for me to pick up just for the fact it’s not my style of reading.
Though <i>How to Reprimand Your Rockstar</i> blew me away, maybe because the author decided to switch the Dominant and Submissive roles and I do love it when a girl is in charge,showing the guys place and where he stands.
In the beginning Thea knew nothing about the Dominant/Submissive scene and really wanted nothing to do with it but she had the qualities of a Dominant and when Keaton was brought into her life she found a way to ease that in and take charge. I loved watching Thea figure out what she wanted and also focus on basketball because no way was she about to give everything up for a rock star. Another thing I liked was how the author adapted the basketball into the book, not talking about just shooting and scoring but the plays and how to shoot layups, little tricks here and there. Being that I played basketball for 4 years it was nice to read about it and see it play out in my head so kudos!
Keaton was sexy and smoldering. It was a little difficult for me to see an actual rock star who has thousands, maybe millions of fans who would die to be his slave when all he wanted was tobe commanded just like them. I also admit that I thought it was hot whenever Thea ordered him around and he complied and dang it I wanted to order him around myself to see if he would listen to me!
Their love was slow in the beginning as they were learning the roles between one another and then it slowly grew into a wildfire that continued to spread until all they could think and breathe was of each other.
The book was a quick read, well I couldn’t stop reading it until I finished it and then read it again because I enjoyed it far too much.  If you are looking for a quick, hot read that has a touch of the BDSM play in it then I recommend this book and it should not disappoint.
Thank you NetGalley and to the publisher for the read and I heard that the author has more books with the Dominant roles switched and I think they are calling my name…. Also thank you readers for reading and if you happen to come across the book do not hesitate, give it a chance and then come to me and we will talk books and how sexy Keaton Lowe is.
Over and out.