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Providence (Providence, #1)

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So I have only read one other book by Jamie McGuire and that was Beautiful Disaster and honestly? I wasn’t into the book all that much as others were and I think I gave it 2 maybe 3 stars. I feel bad because almost everyone I knew who read it, loved it.

But not me.

This book falls into the same category as well.

The story starts off with us meeting Nina and her struggling with her father’s death. Skip past a few days to the night after his funeral and Nina just so happens to meet this hunk of sexy, Jared Ryel.

Ok this Jared guy is someone that is just too good looking to be true and Nina believes that they are to be something, anything really because almost everywhere she was, there he was. It had to be fate. But oddly while Jared wants to be with Nina he tells her that there is something that keeps them apart and that they shouldn’t be. Kinda hard to be apart when he is almost stalking her, popping out at all times whenever she seems to walk into trouble.

Though it all changes when they do get together, sort of, and Jared admits that he has been watching Nina her whole life and is her somewhat bodyguard.

Oh he is not just a her bodyguard but also her guardian angel.

Yeah angel.

Anyways there are these men that are looking for some paperwork that her father has, who was some hotshot business dude, though they is some trouble that her father had gotten himself into and now that trouble had lead to Nina.

Ummm. I will say I did like this book because it was a paranormal read that involved angels and I haven’t read an angel book in a while so that was refreshing. However the book was too much like her other book I read, Beautiful Disaster, and the similar parts annoyed me to no end.

The characters were too much alike, the girl meets boy who shouldn’t be with her, deny the feels, go with the feels and be with each other, realize they can’t be with one another, deny the feels again, get together and love each other all night. And this all happens in their first year of college.

I shouldn’t have let the little things irritate me but it happened. There were certain scenes in the story that made no sense to me such as the back and forth between Nina, Jared and the other guy that was also in love with Nina, Ryan. When Nina was not with Jared she was hanging out with Ryan and yes I did like Ryan, he was cute, funny and the all around nice guy though I seriously think he had a case of bi polar problems. He, of course, was jealous of Jared and when Jared was not around he was great and had a hoot with Nina but once Jared came around Ryan hated every inch of Nina and said horrible things but again once Jared left he was all smiles and it creeped me out.

I also felt that Nina was a little to clingy in the beginning of the simple thought of her and Jared being a thing. She was constantly looking at her phone and when he would finally pop up he would do something that seemed to lead her on and then Nina would somehow wind up getting hurt and be pissed at him. They he was sweet the next time and she had they lovey dovey bird look in her eyes for him. I felt that Jared was messing with her emotions and I did not like him one bit in the beginning. Though later on is a different story.

One character I enjoyed immensely was Nina’s best friend Kim. Goodness the random things that came from her mouth had me smiling and laughing whenever she opened her mouth. Kim brought the funny, good feeling to the book, the light hearted relaxed feel.

Overall I liked the book, I may read the rest of the series but will find out when I get there, and I did like Jared towards the end because I mean c’mon he IS cute and chiseled and strong and sweet. I liked the action part of the storyline, the fighting scenes and some of the love scenes. I give this book about 3 stars and hope to maybe give the series more later on.

Thanks for reading!

Over and out.