The Murder Complex (The Murder Complex, #1)

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Oh my goodness this book blew me away. It was completely different from I have read so far this year and couldn’t believe that the author actually lived in the same town as me and that I could find her and find out what the hell happens next due to that damn cliffhanger! Not that I am stalkerish or anything but hey it happens.

The Murder Complex is based around Meadow Woodson who has been trained by her father to do anything to survive in their now corrupted world by any means, even killing. Everything stars to become odd when she meets Zephyr whose job is to scrape bodies off the ground before Dark and when their worlds clash answers are shown and more problems including the two emerge.

This book has been on top of my most anticipated books this year and I was ecstatic to finally get my hands on a copy. I read the whole book in literally one sitting and goodness the book is pretty thick. It was action packed, dark and addictive from the very first page.

I loved the fighting scenes especially how Meadow was trained by her father though at times I just though about what a bastard he was having his kids go through such harsh training but then again anything can happen when Dark comes and you have to be ready. Meadow was kick ass with her dagger and her fighting skills were top notch.

Zephyr was such sweet character! I loved his little antics and how antsy he got whenever Meadow was around. When we meet Zephyr his life story is basically laid out for us and I was shocked to learn of his childhood as an orphan in the Murder Complex and my heart broke for all the people living there as well. I admit the book had a little Hunger Games feel to it with all the guards, people getting food distributed based on their rank in the system though the outcome is completely different.

As I said earlier the read is quite dark and I have heard a lot of people commenting about it but I did not mind it one bit! I love dark serene novels and enjoy seeing how the characters get through their problems and find ways to make it better.

I couldn’t understand what the Murder Complex was all about and how the story played with Meadow and Zephyr and why all these people died by the hundreds at Dark. But when the ending was near and everything was going on quickly I understood the whole thing. I also admit while I did see it coming there was different twists and turns I did not expect and only has me anticipating the sequel.

Overall I gave this book 5 blood-filled amazing stars and am eagerly awaiting the next book in its series and now wasting my time kind-of-not-really-but-am cyber stalking Lindsay Cummings on Instagram and Twitter (she follows me on both!) waiting to hear news on the next one. Hopefully its not a year long or longer time to get it but we well see.

Thanks for reading and grab your copy, you will not regret it, or at least I hope you won’t!

Over and out.