Cracks in the Armor (Clipped Wings, #2.5)

ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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So I one clicked a little too eagerly again. This usually happens whenever I see a book on NetGalley that I really want to read whether the cover is hot, I loved the author’s previous books or that I have been wanting to read books from a specific author. This book happened to fall in the category of cover lust and wanting to read books by the author.

I have indeed hear of Helena Hunting though haven’t had a chance to read her works and when this read was on NetGalley I jumped at the chance to request it. Later I was over the top excited when I received the email saying I was approved for the title and immediately downloaded the book to read.

Until I realized this book was like the second in its series.

Though it is also a novella so I wasn’t spoiled too harshly for the previous books in the series.

In Cracks in the Armor readers are reintroduced the Chris, the smoldering sexy artist and his love interest Sarah, a waitress at a local strip club. Chris is brought to attention as dark, brooding, dangerous and all bad ass but as I was reading I learned that while he may be all the things he is pronounced as he is also loyal, smart, a big softie for Sarah who he fiercely loves. I adored reading about his love for her, he may lust for her as well but he really does care for her. This only made me upset for not reading the series before and excited to read what’s to come.

I also learned that Sarah does have strong feelings for Chris but I also have the feeling that she is scared to love him though we all know she secretly does. I feel that she doesn’t like to be taken care of though that’s all Chris knows and wants for her being that he had a bad childhood before.

After reading this I am jumping on the reading train and finding a way to get these books. Thank you NetGalley and to the publishers for the read, I am eager to read the rest. Thank you readers for reading and that is all!

Over and out.