Since You've Been Gone


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I knew that when I picked up this book that it would have a mystery feel to it being that the main character, Edie, has been moving around, never staying in one place too long and that along the way in London who mother goes missing. I knew that there had to be a reason to why she and her mother were always on the go and why her mother just mysteriously disappears.

I was a bit disappointed when most of the book was Edie looking for her mother. While searching she meets a friend, Jermaine, who supposedly is the bad kid of her new school and she doesn’t want to trust him at first but he soon gets under her skin and they become friends of sorts with a small interest with one another.

It was odd when she moved from Canada all the way to Europe, I couldn’t get it out of my mind that she or her mom had a secret neither wanted to share with the reader and I was dying of curiosity. Fast forward to Edie at her new school, she doesn’t know the English slang, the streets, and also how to make friends. Sure she moved around quite a bit but her social skills didn’t exactly bloom as she moved around so she still hadn’t had the chance to get insight on making new friends, love, and acceptance.

It was a little hypocritical of her on her first day because she shunned out the first person to greet her and give her tips on what to do and not to do in school after she herself was shunned by the ‘popular’ girl of the school and swore she would not be that person. Maybe it was the London schooling ways the confused me, I couldn’t understand how awful some of the teachers were at times, almost as if they had no patience for the kids, just giving them detention on the spot and yelling and being obnoxious. Everything felt weird.

Skip to her next day coming home from school: her mother has yet to show up from work. I admit I was starting to get bored by this point but the whole disappearance trick had me straightened in my seat and ready to solve the crime. I, myself, felt scared for Edie because I am close to my mother and even if she is 10 minutes late I worry. All I could think of was how to help Edie and what in the hell happened to her mom, was it the reason they were always moving? Did that one reason finally catch up to them? These questions were going through my mind and I wanted to skip to the end and find out what was going to happen.

I disliked Edie not going to the police about it though when I found out why I understood but still she needed help and really she could have told somebody, well she did tell Jermaine.

Jermaine had me questioning him every step of the way and I finally had him out of my suspect list at the end when I finally began to trust him. Jermaine is Edie’s school mate and at first they weren’t the best friends due to the fact Edie stole some money and let the blame fall to Jermaine. However Jermaine accepts her apology later on when he realizes she needed the money to find her mom and get her necessities (food, water, etc.) until she did find her mom, he also plans to help her.

The ending is probably what angered me most just because I did not want things to end the way they did, I still had plenty of questions for almost everybody. What’s going to happen to Jermaine and Edie? What really happened to Edie’s mom? I had the feeling of a cliffhanger and I despise though because I wanted to get to the point and have a feeling of ‘finally it’s over and I know who did it’ but I didn’t get that feeling.

Overall I give the book 3 stars for keeping me interested throughout and with the thought of a maybe sequel or even novella. Thank you NetGalley and to the publishers for the read and thank you dear readers for reading!

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