So I’m sure you all have noticed I haven’t been updating the blog for a week.


I have no access to the internet until I visit my dad during my annual visit dad time because of parents marraige divorce thingy. Also because school is fixing to begin for us youngins, Senior year for me! But alas I’m back for the duration until tomorrow night and then I will try to schedule posts for the weekdays so I’m not scrambling to McDonald’s for some free WiFi.

In other news, as you can see from the title I have been trying, trying, to catch up on reviews but it is more of Alyssia-gets-distracted-by-the-internet-when-reviews-are-needed-to-be-done-but-doesn’t.

Internet/Life: 1 Alyssia: 0

BUT I got two reviews finished, yesterday? I think. Anyways it got done so I need to post them ASAP. However it is saved on my laptop and while I brought my laptop with me to my dad’s place, I forgot the charger. Thus me blogging on my Kindle.

Internet/Life: 2 Alyssia: .5 (I get half a point because I at least got two reviews done)

Besides reviews, I did get plenty of reading done!

New to my shelves:
How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas Foster (Bought)
Elixir (ARC) – Ted Galdi

New to my Kindle:
Wild Hearts (Justiss Alliance, #0.5) by Tina Wainscott
Wild on You (Justiss Alliance, #1) by Tina Wainscott
Wild Ways (Justiss Alliance, #2) by Tina Wainscott
Wild Nights (Justiss Alliance, #3) by Tina Wainscott (all via NetGalley)
Tears of Tess (Monster in the Dark, #1) by Pepper Winters (via NetGalley)
Quintessential Q (Monsters in the Dark, #2) by Pepper Winters
Twisted Together (Monsters in the Dark, #3) by Pepper Winters

All the books new to my Kindle, I have already read and am beginning to write the reviews. Also book 2 & 3 in the Monsters in the Dark series, a friend a loaned them to me through her email to my Kindle and I am so thankful and happy that she sent them to me. She is on Instagram @obsessivecompulsivereader, if you want to check her page out and also her blog is http://www.thisgirlreadsalot.blogspot.com if you want to check that out as well. She is so interactive with her followers and her blog is awesome! 

Ok I think that is everything I needed to cover this week and I will try, TRY, to post my weekly wrap up next Sunday on time and get some reviews out and about for y’all to see (:

Thanks for reading,
Over and out.