Mkay I’m gonna let you on a little secret… I’ve been planning this for quite sometime and it is so close to being released (:


The secret is its not really a secret, I just wanted to have a reason to use this picture.


But seriously while I do have something to tell you is not really a secret. Ok so I am planning this giveaway. And this giveaway may have some ARCs. And this giveaway may have a signed book as well…..

HOWEVER I need your help to, let’s say, unlock this giveaway.

Is anyone up for a challenge??? It’s pretty easy. I’m going to unlock each prize for every challenge you guys surpass and it shouldn’t take long either.

1. I would like to reach at least 350 followers on Instagram.

2. I would like to reach 100 followers on Twitter.

3. I would like to have 50 subscribers/followers here on my blog. I had over 50 when I was still using Tumblr and not everyone has yet to transfer here.

4. Just spread the word. That’s it.

Easy enough? This will be US so I’m sorry INT people but can have an INT giveaway for a possible $25 e-gift card to Amazon? Barnes & Nobles? Books-A-Million?

My social media handles are @Bookfanatic757 both on Twitter and Instagram.

Thank you guys for reading and I should be back with a review no later than tomorrow! Go forth and do the challenges and I will have a rafflecopter up soon(;

Over and out.