Reasonable Doubt: Volume 1 (Reasonable Doubt, #1)

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I stumbled upon this series quite a while back. I like the author’s FB page to be entered in some giveaway that I did not win and never unliked it since (not because I do that when I lose but because I was to lazy to do it and plus I didn’t know how). That may sound bad but hey its honesty.

Anyways when the author’s statuses would come up, of course I would read them and find out what the hot pictures and this ‘Andrew’ was about. Then I came to find that there was a series that the author had been promoting with the name Reasonable Doubt and the comments were raving about the book. I told myself, “Alyssia, you need to get this book and find out what the hype is about, like really.” But I never did.

Recently while going through my Instagram feed one of my favorite people I follow had posted a picture of the recent reads she had just gotten and lo and behold there sat Reasonable Doubt on her Kindle shelf and there was a comment about how amazing the books were and I commented about how I have been meaning to grab a copy for myself but haven’t. The commenter then replied that it was a full and completed series that I could happily buy all for just $4. Of course I jumped on that wagon.

Then here I am.

This series is a trilogy and are short, giving you the opportunity to devour all three in less than a day but then beg for more when you are finally finished. Keep scrolling for my quickie review of all three!

Reasonable Doubt #1

Lately I have noticed I have been reading books with duel POVs and usually I don’t read them as much because I am not really into the whole duel POV thing but then again with all that I have been reading I have begun to like them. Reasonable Doubt is told in a duel POV and god I really enjoyed it. Like a lot. A lot a lot.

With the first page you are introduced to one of the main characters, Andrew, and you are also pulled right into the story. The first sentence may be a little explicit or funny, depending on how you see it but it got a laugh out of me and I knew I was going to like it from the start.

Ok so Andrew. From what we read he is the bang and leave type of guy, he wants casual sex. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. At a glance I thought he was a narcissistic douche that needed a good right hook to the jaw, however as we delve into the story you get to see that he isn’t just some heartless, sex fiend that treats women as a one way ticket to his dick. I mean yeah he also is a partly heartless, sex fiend that treats women as a one way ticket to his dick but we learn that he isn’t always a prick but can actually smile without it being forced. HIs Kryptonite was Alyssa, his ‘friend’ and only ‘friend’ that he really has had for a while. The two met online through some legit lawyer website intended for lawyers and lawyers only. Which is apart of Alyssa’s secret.

You see Andrew does not like liars. Never have and never will. He is all about honestly and if you do not have honestly with Andrew then you might as well pack your bags now and move as far as you can because he will not deal with it and despises it.

Alyssa actually goes by the name of Aubrey and is not who she says she is on this fancy lawyer chat/website. She only intended to use it as a crutch, help for her homework in college towards he degree in pre-law. Aubrey went in, only to get answers to her college work until Andrew came up and they both knew from the start that there was indeed something between the two and from then on they had been chatting over the internet, texting and calling one another over the phone but never meeting in person. Andrew desperately wanted to meet Aubrey (Alyssa) though she wanted to, she knew she shouldn’t because of her secret and didn’t want to ruin their friendship for also they began to have a sexual attraction.

Long story short when they do meet, secrets are unveiled and anger is strewn between characters and well sexual tension that cannot be denied is brought into the mix.

For about a year or so I have been on a New Adult binge read fest and ugh Reasonable Doubt is a definite must read for any New Adult readers! I could not get enough of this book and the characters. I loved how dark and simmering Andrew was, how he had all these secrets he never said aloud be we as readers just knew. Aubrey, as we read on, is a ballet dancer and I adored reading about her auditions and practices. I never was into ballet at all but after reading this, I wanted to read up on everything ballet related. It was beautifully written, I could practically see it play out in my head and it gave me a little more respect for the dance.

Andrew was a huge puzzle and I can’t wait to see how his character plays out in the next book and see how their relationship blooms, well after the cliffhanger I really just want to see if they have a relationship cause goodness, that cliffhanger! I also really liked how the author incorporated the who court and lawyer stuff, she didn’t bullshit her way through with the actual technical lawyer terms and I really appreciated that. I felt as if I was in the court room or watching Law & Order, kudos to you.

I also want to note that these books are quite short, about 70 pages or so but packed with so much drama, excitement, and well heated scenes (: I gave Vol. 1 – 4 amazing stars and can’t wait to let you guys know about the next book in the series! But for now ….

Over and Out