Wild Hearts (Justiss Alliance, #0.5)

ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
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Warning to those who have yet read about the Justiss Alliance boys, you will be foaming at the mouth for a chance to be a room with even one of the Ex-SEALs. To those who have read the series, as I have, I approve of your choice of reading and applaud to those who haven’t been evacuated yet to the nearest hospitable for multiple heart problems because mine was beating too erratically and often stopped.

Welcome to the Justiss Alliance where 5 Ex-SEALs have the choice to join and be apart of an agency whose sole purpose is to attain justice for those who can’t. When a covert mission goes wrong and they are to blame, putting their careers in tatters, what is left for Risk, Rath, Saxby, Julian and Knox when everything they have know as a SEAL is taken away? Being fired was enough but now the country believes their team went rogue on a mission and are now being labeled as the “Rogue Six”. When offered to return to a field of work similar to what they have been trained for as a SEAL by Chase Justiss, CEO of Justiss Alliance, the five former SEALs make the decision to join up and continue to do what they love to do.

This is a novella and prequel, introducing you to each SEAL who will have their own story in the series:

Rick (Risk) Yarbrough
Julian (Salsa) Cuevas
Saxby (Sooch) Cole
Knox (Maverick) Logan
Rathmusen (Rath) Blackwood

Wild Hearts introduces readers you to the characters, giving the backstory to their so called ‘rogue’ mission and helps us understand each SEAL before we dive into their own stories.

I stumbled upon this series by actually reading the third book in the series first before I realized it was a series. Each book can be read as a standalone, so far there are three, and each is about a SEAL with their own missions and happily ever after. I decided to go back to NetGalley and try to binge read the novella and the first two books and I must say I can’t believe I was missing out!

I loved how this novella gave us some insight on each man, we get to see how they interact not only as partners in combat but also brothers. I enjoyed seeing the banter between the 5 guys, and also see what each went through once they finally went home. Each had their own problems to deal with and some were heart wrenching and exciting enough for me eagerly wanting the next books.

Book #1 Wild on You is Rick’s (Risk) story and you do not want to miss it!

Thank you NetGalley and to Loveswept for providing me with a copy, I award the novella with 4 stars and can’t wait to read the rest of the series!

Over and out.