I guess you could say that this week was a really, REALLY, really good week for all things books in my life. Throughout the week I have found myself just getting books as they come, and then getting more just because I could, though they weren’t the physical books but that just fine! Well there was one but I got that one last week. Anywho here is how my week has been…..

There are so many new books on my phone that I have acquired and I’ll just post the covers instead of killing my fingers by writing down all the titles (:BB

The Sky is EverywhereBeautiful OblivionAbbi

That is 11, 11, new books to my Google account on my phone and there is plenty I am planning to get within the new week.

However there is also several more that I have recently finished and they are: Walking DisasterCruel BeautyDark Swan series

The Dark Swan series by Richelle Mead is an Adult Paranormal Fantasy series that I practically blazed through! I loved every second of it however the ending to the series about killed me with frustration. Walking Disaster was even better than the first book, Beautiful Disaster and I was quite pleased with being in Travis’ head for awhile. And the last book, Cruel Beauty, was dark and very strange but I devoured that sucker within days. I admit the beginning was a little slow but once you are in your own reading pace, there is no stopping until you finish the book!

Now to the good part!

ARCs that I have received:

FirebugBlack WidowTorture to Her Soul

I received Firebug by Lish McBride via Twitter from Fierce Reads by winning a giveaway, Black Widow by Jennifer Estep via NetGalley and finally Torture to Her Soul via the author, J.M. Darhower! Guys you do not know how excited I am to have received these books and even more excited to get to read them!

So that has been my week of fun filled books, how has yours been?

Thank you guys for reading, stay tuned for a possible giveaway(: I need someone to take a few ARC’s off my hand!

Over and out.