It’s not really the end. It’s like the end but not really.

If you are not a reader and have no idea what the hell is happening that has every single reader in a obsessive rage then what the hell are you doing with your life?!

Tomorrow is the freaking Blood of Olympus RELEASE DAY. That is tomorrow, I repeat tomorrow. I am flustered and can’t think. I began my Percy Jackson trek when I was 12. I’m almost 18 now. I have almost all the Rick Riordan books, I’m missing The Kane Chronicles but other than that I have them all!

I am so sad to see this ending, well I know he is doing at least one more series but still one of the seven is going to die and I swear to God I am not prepared for this. I have seen these rants everywhere and since I decided to one I wanted to share it with ya’ll and maybe you can comment what you think will happen, if you’re upset or ready.

I am not ready and I personally want Jason or Piper to die. Sorry to be blunt but gosh anyone but Percy, Annabeth and Nico please Rick, please.

Also for those who have yet to see the cover for the final book in the Heroes of Olympus series, I have it for you (:


Comment your thoughts and whose all buying BoO at midnight? *raises hand*

T minus 9 hours, 17 mins and 34 seconds!