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Blue Lily, Lily Blue


If you didn’t get that, that is me squealing in happiness because I was approved with the book weeks before it was released, which I didn’t think I was going to but did!

Like with the previous Raven Boys book (that I was also approved for an ARC), The Dream Thieves, I dropped the current books I was reading to start on Blue Lily, Lily Blue because why not? Immediately I was thrown back into the world of the Raven Boys (duh), psychics, humor, Ronan’s love for weird but funny songs, and of course the search for the Welsh king.

From page one I could not stop smiling! I was too excited to back with the characters, reading about their search and being introduces to new side characters, watching how trouble will be brought on our main characters this time around.

As always, Maggie Stiefvater’s books never have a dull moment, sure confusing moments but never boring. Her books grab you by the hand and slowly lead you into the story and when you think you get the gist of it all BAM, you are thrust into everything head on. It’s fast paced, raw and all together exciting. The character really are starting to come together and we see more of each individually, Adam more so in this one, and I could not get enough.

There is so much going on in the book such as Blue’s mother still missing on her mission to find Butternut leaving everyone heartbroken and mystified, even the Gray Man. Adam and Ronan, whose friendship continues to bloom, Noah and his odd disappearances that only had me worry for him more so than I have before, and finally the little moments between Gansey and Blue that seemed to mean to most to me.

In this book we learn more about Adam and his troubles, we get to dive in his head more and fall a little more in love with the distant kid we know to be. Adam did not have it well in the first two books and in Blue Lily, Lily Blue it doesn’t really stop there. Sadly Adam has to continue to deal with his piece of crap dad and his lawsuit that may or may not go through as he wants it to, decide if Blue and him were meant to be, and figure out what the hell Cabeswater wants him to achieve. In the last book we found that Adam had sacrificed himself for Cabeswater and now he is left with cryptic messages that make no sense. Adam is still a puzzle to unfold at the end but this only made me more excited for the next book!

Ronan is still of course Ronan but with a little softer side. Book 3 he and Adam are becoming more chummier than normal and on the verge of calling each other friends, though they are but don’t admit out loud, they have an odd relationship and a plan that I need to find out soon. Noah is one of the Raven Boys that has me worrying over as well as the other characters too. He is more self aware of everything and I think it is getting to him.

The main reason I jumped on this book was because of the weird ongoing relationship with Gansey and Blue. In the Dream Thieves I wanted more, more of them together and just them alone. Stiefvater gave me just that, just not as much as I was expecting. Their little snippets together were just too sweet and like I said, not enough. Even though they had little time together it was a huge meaning to them. The short night calls that consisted of little spoken words and just breathing was heartfelt and my own heart broke for them. They had a small forbidden romance that I shipped so badly as I am sure every other reader did as well.

Overall there was so much to this book and within it. The ending was not what I had expected, a little cliffhanger there but nevertheless I adored it and believe that 2015 is too far away.

Thank you readers for reading and NetGalley and to the publishers for approving me for the read, I give Blue Lily, Lily Blue 4 well deserved stars and anticipate book 4 that is soon to come! (I hope)