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To Professor

Forbidden romance is a type of book recommendation that I cannot not read, something of a weakness for me. Though it wasn’t a real recommendation, it was a quote from the book that had gotten my attention while scrolling through Instagram. Immediately I fell in love with the short paragraph and was browsing through Goodreads for this book until I read the premise and decided I was going to get the book.

And duh, I succeeded.

I didn’t bother taking the planned nap I wanted because I was in too deep with this book. I blazed through the book and could not stop when I started. The romance was too sweet and cute, the forbidden part of it all was intriguing and beguiling. I was smiling and swooning with every page and snickering beneath my comforter at the steamy scenes.

At a glance I was not team Noel because of the intro to his man slut ways and I knew that Aspen had mutual feelings as well which was fine with me and I had no idea how the two were going to get together, being that they hated each other for reasons to be disclosed later in the book. Of course I loved Aspen from the beginning because of her love for all things literature and while she tried to keep the image of Professor Bitch at school but become messy book nerd at home made me feel like she was family. The two main characters were like hot and cold with one another and I guess I enjoyed their banter together due to their obvious chemistry.

However later in the book, when we get to see the two characters actually get to know each other, I began to melt. Seeing them together felt right for me and for them, they understood the consequences that came their was if they decided to do the unthinkable and be together – student and teacher – and yet the still took that chance and love.

*initiate swooning*

Meeting more of Noel changed my whole heart and mind about him, sure he was a jock who knew little to nothing about the basic classes in college but the whole sweeping girls off their feet took up for that. I couldn’t believe his background story and the battered pieces of his life while he still came out strong and tall. Everything that was thrown his was even nothing he could not handle, it was challenge he was willing to take head on. I loved his fierce compassion for Aspen, even if they hadn’t known each other long, and his love for his siblings.

Aspen was a cute character to read about who also didn’t have the best childhood. She graduated high school at 15 and went straight to college, how crazy is that? Now 23 and a professor, you would think her parents would be proud of her yet they are the cheapest and most unreliable set of parents that made me want to jump in the book and throttle them till no end. But she still loved and cared deeply for them, the type of love she desperately wanted to bestow on Noel. And of course some unknown force gets in their little bubble of HEA trying to ruin EVERYTHING.

As I read I couldn’t help but finish to book as fast as I could just so I could find out the ending which did not disappoint and was left with a small smile and amazing memory of the book.

So of course I am going to recommend this book to all of you readers because goodness I really loved the book and gave it 4 stars on Goodreads! There are mixed reviews but ignore it and read for yourself, I promise its worth reading (: