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Summer Demons

I didn’t realize that this book was actually a novella. Once I began to get into the reading flow and really get into the story, it was already over! Summer Demons was a very quick read and I found myself wanting more once I finished it.

This read focuses on two young protagonists, Jenna and Ethan, who meet while on vacation in Portugal. Ethan is all lust when his eyes are set on Jenna but when he decides to pull an innocent prank on her, it plays out completely different than how he wanted it to go. Jenna immediately sees Ethan as another douche that basically want inside her pants and she isn’t playing his game, especially since his prank brings up old memories she would rather keep buried and hidden as far from her heart as possible. But of course Ethan tries to get Jenna to forgive him but wind up finding a mystery beneath her looks and wants to figure her out and maybe help her as well.

I have decided that I really enjoy reading short stories/novellas because they wrap up a story quickly rather than drag it out and I can read the next in its series without waiting five years. This story intrigued me more so than others because I loved how the romance took its time to build up and then hit the readers as a whole rather than the insta love you would see in most books.

What made me happy most about the story was the right amount of balance of steamy scenes and drama, neither one outweighing the other. Also as Ethan progresses in the story we see a much more understanding guy who does want to help Jenna with her problems and be there for her and not for other intentions. The only problem I had while reading this was probably the POV changing, being that it switched off between Ethan and Jenna in the middle of some chapters. Of course I am all for different POV’s but I was confused on some scenes, wondering who was who.

All in all I gave the book about 3 and a half-ish stars, rounding to 4 stars. Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for approving me for this read. Thank you readers for always reading my posts and I will have another blog post up soon!

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