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Wild on You

Its been a while since I read this so I had to skim some scenes and remember why this series is one of my favorites of this year so far! If you have been with me for a while and remember I reviewed a novella by the author about this series you know I loved the book and couldn’t wait to binge read the series.

Well I did and yes I did love it as expected and cannot wait for the next installment. (There is three out so far, go read them!)

While in the novella, readers were introduced to 5 ex Navy SEALs and discovered the first book in its series would follow one of the SEALs, Rick Yarbrough, aka Risk, who wanted to be apart of the Justiss Alliance – an agency/security firm. His first assignment is one he has been waiting for and is ready to take head on no matter the danger that lies ahead but what he find is different than what he expected. His assignment? Baby sit a general’s daughter who is an animals right activist and completely out of control, even for him. Addie Wunder doesn’t believe she needs protection but when she realizes the real danger she is in, having Risk tagging along isn’t such a bad idea. Especially when the emotions between the two are becoming heated.

Guys I didn’t understand how much I would love each individual SEAL, which is a lot, and reading their own stories are so much fun and their love interest seem to get the better of them.

Risk was one of the SEALs in the novella that had me wanting to dig deeper for information on and his story was perfection. And the author even incorporated his ex SEAL team in the story (Saxby, Julian, Knox & Rath) and I squealed with happiness when they had their cameos. From the novella we know Risk as the adventurous one and in Wild on You he is no different. He and Addie were such an enjoyable couple to read about, their sarcastic remarks to one another and hilarious interactions that turned to lust they both tried to deny.

In the beginning it was difficult for the two being in the same room with one another, the awkward silence and sexual tension. What made it all more hilarious was that Addie was a supposed lesbian, only making Risk be much more attracted to her and later finding out she was in fact not a lesbian and then they went after each other.

The story moves pretty quick, action packed, like with guns and the guy does know how to use one, fighting scenes and I loved every page. Addie was an independent woman that didn’t want anyone to take care of her because she can very well take care of herself. She is devoted to saving animals and caring as much as she can for them, her compassion shining throughout the book.

Overall the end was comforting, wrapping everything up in a small happy climax that was overcome, leaving me satisfied and wanting more. I gave this book 4 action packed stars and am re reading the next book as I finish this review. Thank you NetGalley and to the publishers (Loveswept) for the opportunity to read and review Wild on You. Thank you readers for reading my reviews and I will have another post up soon,

Over and out.