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Monster in His Eyes

*booming noises*

Did you hear that?

Well you read it but can you picture yourself hearing that?

Yeah well that was my mind exploding into nothing and me having brain difficulties because after reading this book, I am going insane.

Monster in His Eyes was nothing, NOTHING, compared to what I had in mind. Sure I expected a dark sort of love story and a bad boy character but dear lord my heart right now. This book was just over the wall intense and goodness I loved the hell out of it. I hated some parts, naturally, but my love for the characters and writing overrides it easily.

You see I had never heard J.M. Darhower and most likely was never going to read a book by her. Until the day I was scrolling through my Twitter feed during class and someone I had been following retweeted a tweet about finishing the book and I believe they were bawling and hysterical about the book. They wanted the sequel so bad that they were willing to give up their first 5 unborn children, so I had to check out this book that was unbelievably good that children had to be given away for a chance at getting the sequel.

So I did. I read it. I finished it. Then I laid in my bed for hours and thought about that ending. Thought about how I went so long without reading the book, about how everything turned out. And then I went on a rampage.

Ok, you know how you read that one amazing book and you cannot seem to get that damn book out of your mind no matter how hard you try? Even bashing your head against the wall, despite the possibility of a concussion, is no use for its magical Feels that it pertains? Or if you read 28 other books in a row, your mind is still on that damn book?!

Yeah that was it and I still don’t have enough of that book. I didn’t really read 28 books, more like 3 but you get the point.

It was like my soul had left me and I could not get it back until I received the second book which of course didn’t come out till 6 months (which I have read and also loved). Monster in His Eyes is very dark but not disturbing, I mean yeah some may find it disturbing but it was the type of disturbing you felt as if you were to be in trouble for reading such a thing but it was also addicting that you felt horrible not to finish it. I skipped lunch to read this during class, pushed away homework and T.V. and could not sleep or dare to breathe until I finished the damn book.

Monster in His Eyes is about 18 year old college student Karissa and she is a hard worker at whatever she does, she manages a 3.5 GPA, and wants a normal average life – something she really didn’t have as a young girl. Of course she wants love too but with a guy like Ignazio Vitale? He is gorgeous, successful, and has the aura of power that radiates from him. He is also twice her age. He is the type of person that when he sees what he wants he will get it. When the two meet its fire flaming everywhere and of course the two start to meet regularly and become a thing a benefits. However Naz is something of mystery – his job, his life, his fears and his wants. Yeah he wants Karissa but her real question is why. Why her?

But the two continue with their little meet ups and yeah sex. Karissa knows he is wrong for her, he even tells her that he is bad, a monster. But she is in way too deep with Naz and we later find that he is too vice versa. Pain, pleasure and lust become one and the secrets pour out in the end and my mind went haywire.

This story was suspenseful and full of mysterious romance that had me salivating at every page. I had many ‘What the F’ moments but trust me they were good ones. Naz is on of my favorite guys that may have issues but it only has me wanting to fix him or find out how he can be fixed and watch how that plays out. The read was quick and had no dull moments whatsoever. When you read and not if, when you read this book you will need no distractions because you will want to finished this as fast as you can and then quickly move on to second which is just as good if not better.

Being that I adored this book I gave it 5 mind blowing stars and am working on the review for its amazing sequel. Thank you readers for reading this review and I will have another post up soon!

Over and out.