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Wild Ways

As promised I binge read this series and am binge writing the review for this series and trying my best to get them out to you guys so I hypnotize you to read them and then we all can fangirl over these hot SEALs together. Or if you are a fanboy, we can still chat and stare at the covers together.

Alright I will say with 100% honestly that Julian, the SEAL for this story, is my favorite! I don’t know exactly why but his story reached out and grabbed me, pulling me in to get a better grasp and I did not want to let go. Goodness I loved his personality, his genuine personality, his instinct to want to protect anybody in need of help and the bad boy vibe he gives off – especially since he rides a motorcycle.

In Julian’s story he doesn’t really receive his assignment, he finds his own and that happens to be helping Mollie Reagan find her sister. Usually this isn’t Julian’s scene however once meeting Mollie he can’t think of a way to not think about her and when he realizes the path and risks she is taking to find her sister is not the safest one he has not choice but to help. While Mollie is used to being on her own and not trusting many there is something about Julian that leads to want to be helped and it doesn’t hurt that Julian is the kind of wild Mollie may have been looking for.


This book. This book had me staying up till 2 AM to finish because it was so addicting! I could not get enough a Julian, his antics, sultry smiles and dirty thoughts. He was literally head to toe sexy, lethal and beyond gorgeous. But when he and Mollie were together it was like fireworks. I loved how Julian is a womanizer type of guy but believes that Mollie could be the ‘one’ however Mollie is the girl that has set standards so high that Julian may spend quite a while climbing them. Though as the story progresses on, as the two fight crazy motorcycle, bar fighting, huge guys and speeding away from bullets, Mollie’s walls are inching down and Julian is starting to crack her armor just as she does his.

Plus the author goes a step more with the action plot, I swear I felt like I was playing Call of Duty while reading. Shooting the bad guys, riding atop cars to save the girl, fighting on roofs and stakeouts. Throw a little romance in there and BAM you get Wild Ways.

Another point I saw in the book was how the author incorporated the relationships of women in motorcycle groups/gangs and how ridiculed it was. It was nice to get some insight on how women were treated and while it did anger me I was glad to see and hear about this, maybe another type of domestic abuse to out an end to. Don’t let this keep you from reading the book though! It all pans out in the end and I am that much more excited to delve into the next SEAL’s stories.

Overall I absolutely enjoyed this read and gave it a whopping well deserved 4 stars. Thank you NetGalley and to the publisher for the chance to read and review Wild Way. Thank you readers for reading my review and I will have another post up soon!

Over and out.