Wild Nights

Wild Night – Tina Wainscott

Release Date: November 4th 2014

Loveswept: New Adult

276 pages (Kindle edition)

ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. You can also find this and check out my Goodreads here. (This is the third book in its series and can be read as a stand alone though I have reviews up for the novella/prequel Wild Hearts, the first book,Wild on You, and the second book, Wild Ways.)

It has been awhile since I was in this series and had to have a quick refresher over the first two books in the series, including the novella, to remember how fun and quick these books were. Though that being said I felt like this one was a step down from the previous, which is my favorite so far, however I enjoyed reading about Saxby’s story.

Saxby is an ex-SEAL and now currently working for a company called Justiss Alliance that incorporates his SEAL training to go undercover and investigate sticky and sneaky things that go about. His current mission involves him to investigate a hotel resort that had claims from guests about date rape drugs being used. There he meets Jennessy who was recently dumped and takes this time to go wild like she has never done before. This trip brings the two together as she is given the date rape drug but is saved by Saxby before things got out of hand and they are now partners in trying to find out who exactly is distributing the drug and why.

Despite me liking this less than the second book in the series, it was still an interesting read and it went by fairly quickly. I enjoyed the chemistry between the two main characters, Wainscott is good about writing steamy scene and getting sparks between her leads and this was another great example of it. From the beginning of the series I was eagerly awaiting Saxby’s southern charm and of course he didn’t let me down, with his sexiness he knew no woman could turn down but Jennessy may be the woman to turn his world upside down.

The banter between the two were just right, not too cheesy nor annoying which was something you don’t see enough if NA books these days. I also liked the combat in the story, it was introduced nicely and separates itself from other books in its genre. Jennessy was a great female lead, not letting Saxby’s sexiness distract her from him bossing her around like the big bad SEAL thinks he can. Eventually they learn to work around one another and see how much they are alike and click together.

Overall I gave this book 3.5 stars. Like the others in its series, I look forward to reading about the stories of the 2 remaining SEAL’s and hope to see cameos of the couple I have already met. If you haven’t read the series yet, I recommend getting them, they are quick and fun reads. Thank you readers for reading and I will have another blog post up soon.

Over and out.