I have decided to begin a new segment on my blog titled, “Where Have You Been?” which is basically me whining to you about my week, life drama or just vomiting words for you to read that do not involve books.

Just kidding it isn’t really all that. This is me giving you insight as to why I am gone for certain amount of periods without posting anything and leaving you hanging because I don’t like doing that and I am sure as followers you do not like not having it.

So here I am!

While I away I was supposed to have 3 reviews up and a blog tour post/review that as you can see I don’t have up for you all to see because why? I wasn’t here that’s why. You see I had everything planned out and set on my laptop and was waiting to copy from my notes and paste onto my draft section in blog desktop to publish later during the week. This is the part where I list all the excuses as to why I could not post anything within the last two weeks:

1) WiFi = Zelch. Nada. Zippy. Poof. Gone.

Yeah I had no internet whatsoever and I was stuck trying to type everything into my phone, desperately making sure everything was going into the blog as I wanted to but the app for wordpress kind of sucks as an app and I had no way to put in the links the way I wanted and the pictures came out crappy and I was a mess.

2) My cell phone ran out of storage. Blog posts = Zelch. Nada. Zippy. Poof. Gone.

This means that my phone automatically begins to make its own storage space and delete EVERYTHING THAT IS IMPORTANT TO ME. There goes my life.

3) Family Emergency

I was ready to sit at my laptop (finally got WiFi again) and get stuff done and next thing I know a family member is in a life or death situation and my mother and I pack up our car and drive six hours to another state. Get there, sees everything going good, drive back home, relax for a day, hears news of open heart surgery, drive back six hours, everything goes back to good, detour through another state to surprise family for Christmas, drive five hours home and finally rest for one more day. This family emergency happened in a week so I am writing to you a day after I made it home and I am both mentally and physically exhausted BUT I am getting in these reviews so get ready for some posts tomorrow because they WILL BE DONE AND YOU WILL READ THEM.

So that was my two weeks. Though I am ready to begin to get back into the reviewer mode and shoot out some bookish posts for you guys to read and get excited about because good things are coming your way for 2015 …

Well that was all for the first segment of Where Have You Been with me and I hope you aren’t too upset without the lack of posting but I will have another blog post up soon sooooo:

Over and Out!