Everyone knows Goodreads right? How such an amazing site it is, you can find the latest info on books, meet new friends, advertise your hundreds of reviews, and so much more!

But not for me.

I cannot tell you how upset I am with Goodreads, how angry I am.

Goodreads has deleted my account. My account that had hundreds of friends, over a thousand books on my shelves, about a hundred and seventeen reviews that I spent hours pouring over. My recommendations, my groups, my three reading challenges that I had completed are all gone. Poof – nothing more.

I cried when I found out it was deleted. How could my favorite book app and website do this to me? Was it a random glitch that took out my account for a day? Maybe it will come back the next day. I mean come on, I had just posted two new reviews for publishers on there, it can’t just disappear like that. But or the next week my account had never resurfaced and Goodreads had the guts to email me about being sorry that I DELETED MY OWN ACCOUNT.

What? I’m sorry what did you say Goodreads? I deleted my own account? I deleted my account that I had for almost 6 years? What?

I never found out what had exactly happened. I was in a state in denial. Whenever I saw a new book at my local store, my mind automatically thought – Oooh let me check Goodreads and see what all my bookish friends think about this. Wait Goodreads why aren’t I logged in? Is it my phone? WHY WON”T YOU LOG ME IN?! Oh yeah you deleted my account.

I am still upset and irritated with Goodreads. I thought hard about whether or not I should make a new one or not, what will publishers think? This is the sole reason why I have not written any reviews lately. My mind was blank about what I should do next, where do I put my reviews now other than my blog? Sure I post on Amazon but do people really look on Amazon. I was seriously dependent on Goodreads and it let me down.

I finally decided to make a new account. I did this cautiously and am in the works of trying to out all my reviews back up, some I don’t even have access to anymore but I will try my best.

If you have a Goodreads, would you like to be friends?