Lion’s Share by Rachel Vincent

Release Date: Feb.  23. 2015

Rachel Vincent: New Adult

270 pages (ebook)

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Every blogger has that one favorite author. That one author that captured their attention from the very beginning of their love for reading. Well, Rachel Vincent was that author for me. So I guess you can say that anything by her I will read. I don’t care if is a grocery list or a note from the police stating I should stay at least a hundred feet from her.

As long as its from Rachel Vincent, my eyes are reading it.

One thing I love about her writing and her stories is that she builds such unique worlds that you have no choice but to fall head first into them only to come out loving it to pieces! I felt that was about Lion’s Share. I had an idea what it was about, who the main characters were but I didn’t want to let myself know what exactly I had in store for me because I know I would love it either way.

And I did. I so did.

I did feel a bit awkward with Jace going for Abby and his focus away from Faythe. I still had that connection for them. However I was pleased with the new couple and how they worked out the kinks between them and others who watched because really there are no secrets within the Pride cats.

I will admit I did tear up seeing all the old characters back in for another run, Marc, Faythe, Owen, Michael, Kaci, Karen (Faythe’s mom) and so many others. I loved seeing them all interact like a family because they were a family and it was surreal to have them all back together in their Pride.

I jumped head first when this book was on my Kindle at midnight, read straight through the morning, forgoing any sleep I was supposed to have because it was Rachel Vincent guys! I finished it way too fast, once I was done I was blank. I had no idea what I read (I mean I had an idea but it wasn’t processed all the way) and I had to re read it.

So I did.

And it was even better and more heartbreaking this time! Ugh I endured through the tears and took so many notes that consisted me of saying, “OMG stop it!” “No, wait, no don’t do that.” and “What the hell just happened?” and “WHAT?!” My notes became more incoherent as the book came to an end because the author just ended it, right there! We get an introductory to what may happen in the next book and then it just ends.

My anger is still simmering. However my excitement for the sequel cannot be contained.

My feelings about this book is not quite explainable, all that I can say is that I loved it and wish to spew out everything without spoiling you all but it is too hard. BUT I can say it is a whirlwind of romance, your head spinning on the mystery it involves and of course a heartwarming read that will have you falling for some characters you only get introduced in one page.

I hope this review and me squealing and exclamation points brings you readers to the Wildcat side and convince you to buy the book because it really is such a great and fast read, though I advise you to read the Shifters series before the Wildcat series because you will go in depth to how Jace came to where he is now and the whole backstory that includes so many characters you do not want to miss!

Thanks for reading and I will have another post up soon,

Over and out.