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bring on the heat

Bring on the Heat by Katie Rose

Release date: August 26th 2014

Loveswept: Romance (NA)

223 pages (ebook)

ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. You can read this review and others on my Goodreads here. (Don’t be shy to send a friend request as well!)

Lately I have been into sporty books, where the main male character is the star player apart of a star team, sweaty, delicious and can have his dirty moments yet gets himself the girl. And it just so happens that Bring on the Heat had exactly that.

The book revolves around Darcy Hamilton and her case of mistaken identity that leads her into the arms of star pitcher of the New Jersey Sonics – Chase Westbrook. Darcy is a house sitter for a very rich heiress, Lydia Logan, who disappears to Dubai and leaves Darcy to take over her life just for a little bit, including attending a exclusive fashion show held by the Sonics team. Darcy must post as Lydia and when she meets Chase her plan goes too far as the two start to take interest in one another only confusing Chase – who is the real Lydia? The rich and spoiled girl he has seen in tabloids or the down to earth on he is falling for.

I am not the biggest fan of baseball, I don’t mind watching it but that won’t stop me from babbling questions about what’s going on? Who is batting? What does it mean to steal a base? Which is the on offense? Is there a defense? You see I watch basketball and while I played softball for about 3 years I still had no idea what was going on and plus I was usually a bench warmer.

But whilst reading this book I found myself watching baseball, trying to get my cousins to take me to a Ranger game in my hometown of Dallas just so I could show off my baseball talk that I learned from the internet. Reading books that involves any kind of sports is very enticing, it has you in the mindset that you all of sudden like sports, you want to watch and learn about it because you want background about it all and also to understand the book more which makes it all the more enjoying.

I like reading about Darcy and her down to earth attitude, more characters and people in general need to be more like her. I was glad that she was paired up with Chase, as he was her favorite player on the Sonics and also her favorite crush, she needed some happiness in her life. Immediately the couple clicked and how their relationship felt like a Cinderella love story – Chase rescuing her from her mundane life and giving her a life full of love that she deserves.

Their relationship was very playful, relaxed and not at all forced – something they were both really comfortable with in their hectic and rushed lives but also had its sexy times that swept both characters off their feet.

I enjoyed their roller coaster of a relationship and how they came together in the end despite the obstacles involved. I do wish we had more Darcy and Chase as she was the real Darcy and not partaking Lydia’s personality but other than that no complaints.

Overall I gave the book 4 stars and be on the lookout of my review and the next book in the Boys of Summer series, Too Hot the Handle, where you guys will get to meet Chase’s sexy and womanizer teammate, Jake Baldwin. Thank you Random House/Loveswept for yet another great read and you readers for reading, I will be back with another blog post soon,

Over and out.