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too hot to handle

Too Hot to Handle by Katie Rose

Release Date: January 27th 2015

Loveswept: Romance (NA)

271 pages (ebook)

ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. You can read this review and others on my Goodreads here. (Don’t be shy to send a friend request as well!)

If you have read my review of the first book in the Boys of Summer series, Bring on the Heat, I am glad you are here to continue to series along with me. If you are not here because of my review of the first book you can click here, check it out and meet up back her for its sizzling sequel review.

Too Hot to Handle is the perfect title for this steamy storyline, especially the main male character, Jake Baldwin, because despite him being snatched up by one woman I so want more of him anytime! Jake is the cocky bastard in this story and of course every girl goes after the cocky guy despite the warning given and Nikki Case was certainly not immune to his charms no matter how hard she tried to be.

Jake is the beautiful, hot, and very good looking shortstop for the New Jersey Sonics baseball team and he knows he is eye candy, which has him living the life as a bachelor. Women, beer, and more women is basically his mantra. Nikki Case is in the PR business and her firm wants her to clean up the mess the Sonic’s has named themselves in the MLB world. Only problem is that Nikki absolutely hates baseball being that her ex gambled more money than sense on the sport. She goes in with a frosty-like attitude, determined to get in and out as fast as she can but with Jake and their crazy chemistry going off like fireworks, the plan for calm and cool go down the drain.

While reading the first book in this series I was immediately drawn to Jake (don’t get me wrong I still love Chase, but Jake? Mhmm). I knew he was woman crazy and all about the one night stands but I also knew that was something inside of him that was looking for someone to confide in and be in a relationship with and I desperately wanted to see him get his match. Little did I know that his match would be someone so strict on rules and somewhat uptight but also knew when to have fun as well.

I like Nikki, she had a great sense of humor when the time was right but most of the time she knew when to get shit done as well being that was her job. Straight away I snickered when I realized this woman would be the one to settle manwhore Jake down and goodness their relationship trials were a hoot! The no-we-cant-be-together-because-he/she-is-not-my-type stage and then the wow-our-chemistry-is-blazing-lets-get-to-bed stage and finally the oh-crap-I-cant-live-without-him/her stage which is my favorite stage.

Their relationship was an inevitable one (like all relationships) but I enjoyed every bit of it and liked seeing how Nikki got the once insane and goofball team to become a team everyone began to underestimate and see their full potential. Also she could take their prankster ways and also give them a taste of their medicine.

I think that’s all I have to say for this 4 star book and if you haven’t started this series yet, I advise you to get on the already moving train and join the Chase/Jake fan base as well. As I said in my Bring on the Heat review, be on the lookout for my review for the third installment soon since I just received an e-arc through NetGalley! Thank you Random House/Loveswept for the second book in the Boys of Summer series, I eagerly await reading the third, and thank you readers for reading. I will be back with another blog post soon,

Over and out.