I’m sure I got that Justin Bieber song stuck in your heads now which is great since it has been stuck in mine for the past week!

Anyways that’s not what the post is about, its about me and the books I have on my shelf that I have neglected being that I was so stressed all of July that I had no time to do absolutely NOTHING reading related.

Sad I know.

Really it was my jobs fault that had me working all kinds of wonky hours and at one point I almost worked 50 hours one week because I needed so much overtime but when I get to the reason why, I am sure you will all understand….


Yes, yes I have moved out of my mothers house and into a dorm 2 states away from my family but the good news is, is that I brought a hella bunch of books with me to keep me company. Basically I filled up a large suitcase with 30+ books because that was all that I could fit in, sadly.

Alyssia and her books have moved out of state and into another that will be her home for, hopefully, the next four years of her life. Isn’t this exciting?

This was where I have been for the last month and I am sorry it has taken this long to get back to you guys! Now that I am here at school I am hoping to get back into the writing zone and throw out some reviews to y’all and some other bookish things *cough* as well as giveaways.

So thank you guys for hanging in and coming back every now and then to see what I have been up to. Y’all are the best and I will be back with another blog post soon,

Over and out.