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By the title, I am sure you guys know what this is about. And I am also that you guys know what today is too. To muggles around us, they would think, “Oh its the first of September. Christmas is 3 months away, lets start hanging up lights!” But no. Us normal folk know what its about.

Its time to go home. To Hogwarts.

New and young wizards/witches are most likely being sorted as I write this post. The older kids are watching their new house mates become family and its a glorious day. But for me?

Today is the day that I know I cannot go to Hogwarts. Today is the day where I realize I am old.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed I actually started the Harry Potter series just about 2 months ago – for the first time. Sure I have seen all the movies and loved them of course but the books were the real deal.

Believe it or not, I actually finished the last book, Deathly Hallows, last night and bawled my eyes out. Every win, defeat, and death – I cried. I knew what was gonna happen (because of the movies) but that didn’t stop the water works. I couldn’t believe how much the books affected me and how much I was upset that I wouldn’t be “eligible” for Hogwarts.

Some of you guys may be able to go, may have gotten your letters and kudos to you but I’m gonna sit in my bed and whine about my old age – which I’m really not “old” but “old” to the Hogwarts world and that sucks.

Hope your day didn’t involve as many tears as mine and I hope to those who are continuing their studies at Hogwarts, have a good one and drink some Butterbeer for me!

Over and out.