monthly wrap up

Hey Guys! I know I haven’t really done a wrap up here on the blog, its usually over on my Instagram but I’ve actually been on a IG slump so I decided to try it out here.

Don’t pay attention to my Goodreads at the moment cause I am very late to update which books I have read and when I finished them. Some took me forever to finish because I am in school and some took me a day or two but my update shows a week, which is not true. But the books I will show here are the books I have finished in September and my rating on them as well.

SO I only read 5 books this month, last month I kicked ass but this month my homework started to pile up and my sleep went down. I had to balance to two which meant, sadly, less reading. But I do try to fit reading in whenever I can!

Dark Places

Dark Places – Gillian Flynn

The book is as the title says, dark. I was intrigued about the book since I watch Gone Girl earlier in the year. I didn’t have the chance to read Gone Girl before I saw the movie so this was my chance to redeem myself on Gillian Flynn and hop on the band wagon. However I couldn’t bring myself to read the book at night, scared that the words were going to murder me in my sleep. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the book, it was crazy good from the beginning and haunting. I have to be in the mood to read a thriller, which I was, and it was mind blowing. 4 stars.

Sincerely Arizona

Sincerely Arizona- Whitney Garcia Williams

Sincerely Arizona is a novella of sorts, the author described it as extra epilogue from her previous book, Sincerely Carter, which you all should read as well. This novella was cute and gave me the extra happiness I expected from the previous book. 4 stars.


Unbroken – Lisa Renee Jones

This book was a little of a let down for me, the series (Secret Life of Amy Bensen) was great from the beginning but I felt like this book, the last in its series didn’t live up the previous books. I wanted an real ending, tie up all loose ends and whatnot but instead I felt like the ending was rushed and given a HEA just to compensate for not having a real ending. 3 stars.

Saint Anything

Saint Anything – Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen is my go to author, whenever I am in a slump or sad I read Sarah Dessen because so far she has not disappointed me. I loved all her books, each is unique, has a real plot that anyone can learn something from and ugh she is awesome. Saint Anything is so easy to fall into, to connect to the characters and just get lost in the story. I loved Syndey, I loved Mac, I loved it all and my advice is to just read the book. DO it. 5 stars.


Afterworlds – Scott Westerfeld

I have had Afterworlds on my shelf for quite awhile and when I was packing for school I knew I needed to get some serious reading done and Afterworlds was top of the list in what books I had to bring. And I finally read it. I don’t know what took me so long to read this dang book. I knew I was interested in it being that it got readers into the publishing world and how it all works out but I never got to it. Afterworlds has two stories, one about Darcy who is publishing her first book (Afterworlds) and Lizzie the protag who lives through Darcy’s book (Afterworlds). The book was in its own class and definitely one of my new favorites. The switching of stories was brilliant and I desperately want more! 5 stars.

So that was my reading month, how was yours? Hopefully better than mine! I am planning to go home this weekend for fall break for a few days and the drive is 8 hours and I am definitely planning on reading as much as I can before my homework starts rolling in. Let me know what you read, did you like it, and your possible TBR in the comments below! I am hoping to stat a TBR list but usually I just go with the flow and read whatever. Thank you readers for reading and I will have another blog post up soon,

Over and out.