Hey there Wrimos! I hope you have been writing and having fun as we near the end of the first week of NaNoWriMo. I am writing this post because yesterday was a very bad writing day for me and I had writers block for the better part of the day. Basically it sucked.

Today, or tonight in my time, I am hear to maybe help kick start some ideas for you to start writing. You can use these ideas whether or not you have writers block, I just wrote this because I don’t want anyone to get stuck as bad as I did and loose half the day trying to come up with something, anything, to write. My idea is to basically give you a base and then you write around it, whatever scene pops in your head and its something you have been wanting to write for awhile then go for it! By no means you have to use this method but it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try to those who need it?

  1. Does you main character have a love interest? Describe who and why.
  2. Write out a conflict between two random characters other than your main character.
  3. Jot down some random names you would like to use later to help you decide on character names when needed.
  4. Write a quick descriptive setting scene.
  5. Describe each character (that you know of so far) in one word to better understand them.
  6. Is there an antagonist? Write a happy scene for them.

This is what I have come up with so far and I hope this helped you as it helped me better come up with scenes I didn’t even think I needed. You do not have to use all of them nor neither of them but they are here for inspiration. My favorite is the happy scene for your antagonist because to write about a villain, you have to secretly love them – why not give them some happiness?

Thank you readers for reading and I wish the best for you during this hectic writing month. So far my writing has completely changed direction and by that I mean I had to start over. Wiped the story I just wrote and start a new one and that is ok because I found that I loved the one I am currently writing so much more and see myself doing bigger and better things. As I said in my last post, do not be scared – do you babe.

Over and out.