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I am adult. I have my own money to spend however I want (finally). If I want to spend it all on a plane ticket somewhere 800 miles away I should do it because it’s my money and planes are cool.

And that is exactly what I am doing this May. Three months from today I, along with my mom and sister who wanted to come, will be in Chicago for BEA and I cannot explain in words how excited I am! I officially registered for BEA yesterday and bought plane tickets today. It felt unreal being that I was wishing for this trip for almost four years and I don’t understand how people can wait for so long. I’m ready to get on that damn plane and breathe in that Chicago air and meet new bookish friends alike.

One of my goals while at BEA is to meet and gain new friends, so if you happen to be attending BEA this year let me know in the comments and maybe we could meet up. I also plan to (try) document the adventure, I already filmed a quick one with me not containing my excitement and smiling into the camera creepily. Hopefully they don’t all turn out like that but it’s fun knowing that I’ll be able to look back at this experience.

Other than record myself acting insane with happiness I plan to take loads of pictures so I advise to those who do not follow me on Instagram, follow me! My links are here on my blog on the sidebar but you can also look me up @BookFanatic757 and I am also on Twitter too under the same name. I don’t tweet often but I will try during the BEA craziness.

Again if you plan to attend let me know! I’m eager for these three months to speed by and finally knock BEA off my bucket list. I plan to get some good books and am hopeful for some giveaways as well, it’s been awhile, and continue to talk about books with you guys. Thanks for reading my ramble and I hope you all have a goodnight, or morning depending where you are, and I will have another blog post up soon.

Over and out.