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Blood Bound.png

Blood Bound – Patricia Briggs

Release Date: Jan 30th 2007

Ace: Urban Fantasy

306 pages (Kindle edition)

You can read this review and others on my Goodreads. (Don’t be shy to send a friend request as well! I have a review up for the first book in its series and you can read that here. Be aware this will have spoilers as it is the second in its series, read with caution!

We have made it to the second book in the Mercy Thompson series and so far I know I want to keep reading and learning more about Mercy’s world, the wolves, the fae and the vampires which we get to see more of in this book. Because Mercy is able to shape shift into a coyote , she assists a friend, Stephan, who is a vampire, to help out with whatever message Stephan needs to give to one of his own kind. Though the meeting doesn’t go out as planned and this vampire isn’t quite all vampire. Of course Mercy manages to get herself into the sticky situations with the vamps and her two wolf suitors are along for the ride to help her, the sexy Alpha wolf Adam and the lone dominant, childhood love, Samuel.

Usually love triangles are not my forte and I try to stay away from books that have that mentality but with Mercy it is pretty well known who she would pick and I think both men know that too, though that doesn’t stop them from giving chase. Don’t worry, the triangle doesn’t take the main spot of the book, which I appreciate, and we get down to business pretty fast.

As I said the book revolves more so around the vampires and their dynamics, handling the wrong certain vamps have made and seeing it through to justice, or so they think. They are also quite evil, not upped to look like something we see out of a movie or anything less of a vampire. They are crazy and hands down real. It’s a twist on the standard idea of vampires, still blood sucking creeps and some powers you wouldn’t expect but definitely not standard. It also helped that the main antagonist was a demon-like vampire who took what he wanted, able to possess the mimicking voice of anyone he came in contact with and used it at his liking to scare others.

Mercy is still one of my favorite characters – she isn’t dainty and doesn’t wait to be saved. She goes for the problem head on and then decides whether or not her decisions were the right to make, though usually they are. She is strong in her own way and can handle herself through anything thrown her way even wolves, vampires and fae alike. She is also human in her own sense, she is scared and she does get hurt. Not that it would keep her down, however it shows her what not to do the next time a threat comes around. Another great aspect is that Mercy is a fighter – if she can fight and end her battles, she will.

This leads to the action part of the book which Briggs’ gives enough if not more of and I enjoyed all the blood and gore. It wasn’t too much as many would think but just enough, dead bodies are being left for the vamps to find and Mercy and her friends to help find out why. The side characters are always a blast to read and learn more about, such as Gabriel’s, who helps Mercy out at her shop, many little sisters, the rest of Adam’s pack and the ghosts that Mercy is able to come in contact with. We also get to delve a little more into the pack dynamics and find out that it is one of the few things Mercy is afraid of falling into and getting lost in.

In the end no fight is too much for Mercy and her friends to handle and with the help of two amazing hot wolves who would lay down their lives for her doesn’t hurt either. Personally I am all for Adam, Samuel had his chance but now I think its time for Adam to have his reign and show just how far he can go for Mercy – which I think is pretty damn far.

Overall I gave the book 4 stars and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series. Please jump on the bandwagon and find out why everyone gushes about this series and join me with the next reviews to come! Thank you readers for reading and I will have another blog post up soon.

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