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Lady Midnight

Lady Midnight – Cassandra Clare

Release Date: March 8th 2016

Margaret K. McElderry Books: YA – Fantasy/Paranormal

668 pages (hardcover)

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It has been a month since the release of Lady Midnight and my review is now just going up. I wish it could have been up earlier but it took me awhile to finish the book, not because of how big it is (668 pages!) but because I was a nervous wreck. I have invested 7 years of my life to the Shadowhunter world, of course I’m going to have my nervous moments. Cassie Clare has scared me so many times with certain character deaths and plans that definitely do not go my way so I knew I had to have my emotional walls up so I didn’t totally break down. But guys, guys, this book was so good! Possibly my favorite book in the Shadowhunter world and I can’t wait for everyone to read it that way we could talk about it together. If you have yet to read Lady Midnight, please get on that train and get ready for the ride of your life.

Lady Midnight begins 5 years after the City of Heavenly Fire following Emma Carstairs and her parabatai Julian Blackthorn as they work together with Julian’s 5 siblings as they try to find out why murders are happening throughout LA that are eerily similar to Emma’s parents death 5 years ago. The faeries come to Emma and Julian with Julian’s older brother, Mark, as a bargaining chip, as they kidnapped him during the war in City of Heavenly Fire, because they are eager to find out who has been killing their kind as well. Along the way things are not turning Emma’s way – more plots come to her parents death and what could’ve happened, who is really doing this and why. Forbidden romance is also a thing as parabatai aren’t forbidden to fall in love and we find out just why – which breaks everybody’s heart from the beginning so be ready!

I am not sure where to begin with this review because I loved this book. I waited two years for this book so when I say I love this book, I love this book. For real. Those two years waiting was worth it as the writing, the characters, the world building became something so much more. It was better, Cassandra Clare grew as an author and gave us, her fans, something amazing.

I was worried I would have trouble remembering the new characters as I was used to a usual set of Shadow world characters but it was easier than expected. I also thought I wouldn’t like the characters as much as our main characters in her previous books but Clare put me in my spot – I adored her new characters. I adored Emma, Julian, Ty, Liv, Dru, Tavvy, Mark, Arthur and many more characters. Each individual is different and you start to bond with each one as the pages go by. The interaction between all the characters is what got me as I come from a large family. I loved seeing the family dynamics and how much they all loved one another.

One difference from the previous Shadowhunter books is the main character, Emma, and that she is already accustomed to the Shadowhunter world. It was different and fun seeing it through her eyes, more fun just being back in the world and continuing to learn more. I remember feeling giddy with excitement reading about runes and acquainting myself with the dynamics of it all again. I don’t understand why some people complain about more books based in this world – there is so much of it we still don’t know about and we get to continue learning about it! Also we touch more so on the Fae in this book, probably in this series altogether, and they are so fascinating. They can be evil but the magic about them, we are only just beginning to learn about.

The book is just a roller coaster of emotions (good ones!) and I was smiling ear to ear with each page. I do recommend reading the previous books as spoilers are throughout the book, though you don’t have to, but it is better to read them before heading into this one.  Basically what I am saying is read the other books and be ready for Lady Midnight because all you will be thinking about for the next months to come is, “When does the sequel come out?” Also, Julian will make your hormones (if you are female) go haywire because guys and kids? Um yes please. What the heck, he would probably even make men hormones go crazy.

I can’t believe Lady Midnight is out and in the world. I can’t believe I finished it. I want the experience to read it all over again. And again and again. It fulfilled my high expectations and set the bar high for the next book. I suppose I can wait for the next installment, if I don’t kill anyone from my Julian withdrawals. I gave Lady Midnight 5 stars that were well freaking deserved. Please read the books. That is all. Thank you readers for reading and I will have another blog post up soon,

Over and out.