F*ck Love – Tarryn Fisher

Release Date: December 31st 2015

Tarryn Fisher: New Adult

257 pages (kindle)

“You’re a muggle who wants to be magical.” 

I frown. “That’s so mean.” 

June shrugs. “So go be magical. It’s a choice.”

Ok, here’s to an unpopular opinion that is about to go down. 

I read F*ck Love recently. (Edit: I read this a month ago but I was behind on reviews as this is now going up) And by recently I mean a few hours ago. I finished F*ck Love pretty quickly, it’s hard not to fall into Tarryn’s writing because you don’t just get back up and not continue to read. Tarryn makes you fall on your ass and her words compel you to keep reading. You don’t have a choice, sorry. 

Anyways, after reading F*ck Love, I had to discuss. I had these feelings, like the swirly ones in my chest that wouldn’t go away. My stomach hurt like I had to literally throw up the words somewhere about how I felt and my need to talk about it was making me sick. I do not mean this in a bad way, I mean this in a good way. But then again I didn’t want to re read the book because duh, swirly feelings were making me sick and I HAD TO TALK TO SOMEONE ABOUT IT. 

So I had the words stuck inside me and the discussion group on Facebook I joined hasn’t been approved so I’ve been a sitting duck in a big pond full of me and my swirly feelings. I had a lot to think about. A lot of feelings to digest and settle because if I just word vomited, this wouldn’t come out right. 

I liked it. 

That’s it. I didn’t love it, I didn’t hate it, I liked it. 

Is that bad? Is that good? 

I have no clue. 

You see Helena, the main character, had a dream where she was married to her best friends current boyfriend, Kit. They had the whole shebang, the house, the kids, the career and the sex life. I mean who wouldn’t want that? But in real life she didn’t have that. She didn’t have Kit because he was with her best friend Della and Helena was dating someone named Neil. But then Helena starts to try and turn this dream into reality. She isn’t necessarily trying to take her best friends boyfriend but she thinks about that dream and what it will be like so she slowly turns some of those dream parts into reality parts. She slowly falls in love with Kit. 

Ok. Ok. Ok. That’s all I can say without spoiling the rest and you just need to read it. 

The reason I wasn’t heavily in love with this book as I was hoping, is that I didn’t like Kit. I loved Helena, I loved the secondary characters and the evolution of a few but Kit had something about him that irked me. You see, I don’t use words like irked but Kit? Yeah, he irked me. 

Maybe it was the things that went down that irked me. Or the opportunities that were passed down that irked me. Or maybe it was just his personality that irked me. I don’t know. He. Irked. Me. 

Helena was a hoot. I loved her awkwardness. I loved how she loved Harry Potter and would Avada Kedavra people. (Not for real.) And her overall personality. She was likable. She was real to me.

So back to Tarryn’s writing, which I also loved. I think if not for the spellbinding way Tarryn writes I *may* not have finished. There were times in the story I would think, “Really?” Not because it was unbelievable but because of the choices and outcomes that the characters made. But the way Tarryn wrote the outcomes and wrote the words that came out of their mouths caught me so hard. I was stuck. I couldn’t move from my place on my bed. My eyes were glued to my phone screen from 1 AM to 3 AM. I had a 7 AM appointment within the next few hours and I couldn’t put the damn book down. 

So. That was my first ever unpopular review. It was also pretty vague now that I go back over it but I can’t delve further because spoilers. I gave F*ck Love 3.5 stars. I enjoyed it but I didn’t have the same feelings as almost everyone else did when it came to this book. I adore Tarryn Fisher but this book isn’t up to par as I’d hoped. I will continue to read her books because her writing is so damn good. Thank you readers for reading and I will have another blog post up soon. 

Over and out.