About Me (:

Hi Guys! *waves*

Thank you so much for reading my blog and then actually coming here to learn about me! First off I am a incoming freshman about to hit the college world and 18 years young. I am the eldest of seven children, yes you read that right, and I love reading (like you don’t already know that). On my 4 bookshelves I currently own about 350ish books and about another 200 or so on my Kindle and Nook e-readers.

Other than books I enjoy music so much to the point I almost go insane if I don’t have my headphones with me at all times. No lie I must have my music on hand, its a type of therapy for me. I am constantly singing to myself (though I am no singer at all) and tapping a beat with whatever I can find. With that said I also play two instruments: the guitar and piano. However I am no pro at them, I am actually self taught, meaning I watch others play and kind of mimic and learn from there.

I am also a very shy person when you meet me and if I am comfortable with you there is no telling what crazy thing I will say and do. Go with the flow is what I do best, I am usually not very picky unless it comes to food. I am not gonna lie when I say I am picky about food l.

Very often do I find myself away from the indoors and when I do venture out its probably because there is a new book I have to get at the stroke of midnight or I have to talk to people at my mother’s request.

Why am I a reviewer?

Good question. I honestly just became one. Not for the free books or followers (ok maybe the free books later on) but because I wanted to share with others my thoughts and feelings when finishing a book I very much enjoyed.

Its funny when I first became a ‘reviewer’, I thought I was all high and mighty when an author contacted me to review her book and all I could think about was, “OMG she sent me her book for FREE” and when I read it I did not like it at all. I actually did not finish the book but later wrote a review saying I loved it and blah blah just because I didn’t want the author to hate me and never give me books again. That is where I was wrong in being a reviewer. I later found out that the author was self published being the reason of so many mistakes and grammar problems in the book and also because she was from a different country trying to write a novel in English using American slang. Now I know if I don’t like the book I don’t have to suck up to the publishers or authors, then again I also learned not to bash them in a review as well. I am not bashing self published authors either, there are many that I loved and some I did not, simple as that.

Anyways basically I wanted to find others of my kind and surprisingly I found them, they are called Fandoms. You see I never knew what a ‘fandom’ was and would have never known about it if not for Goodreads, Twitter and Instagram. Now I am on all 3 social media sites and am loving it.

Now I am in way over my head as I have reviews coming from everywhere, new books always popping out and my wallet empty all the time. But I am slowly getting things done and trying to get my once small TBR down to at least 10 books instead of the 30+ it is at the moment.


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