Book Review: Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare


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Lady Midnight

Lady Midnight – Cassandra Clare

Release Date: March 8th 2016

Margaret K. McElderry Books: YA – Fantasy/Paranormal

668 pages (hardcover)

 You can read this review and others on my Goodreads here. (Don’t be shy to send a friend request as well!)

It has been a month since the release of Lady Midnight and my review is now just going up. I wish it could have been up earlier but it took me awhile to finish the book, not because of how big it is (668 pages!) but because I was a nervous wreck. I have invested 7 years of my life to the Shadowhunter world, of course I’m going to have my nervous moments. Cassie Clare has scared me so many times with certain character deaths and plans that definitely do not go my way so I knew I had to have my emotional walls up so I didn’t totally break down. But guys, guys, this book was so good! Possibly my favorite book in the Shadowhunter world and I can’t wait for everyone to read it that way we could talk about it together. If you have yet to read Lady Midnight, please get on that train and get ready for the ride of your life.

Lady Midnight begins 5 years after the City of Heavenly Fire following Emma Carstairs and her parabatai Julian Blackthorn as they work together with Julian’s 5 siblings as they try to find out why murders are happening throughout LA that are eerily similar to Emma’s parents death 5 years ago. The faeries come to Emma and Julian with Julian’s older brother, Mark, as a bargaining chip, as they kidnapped him during the war in City of Heavenly Fire, because they are eager to find out who has been killing their kind as well. Along the way things are not turning Emma’s way – more plots come to her parents death and what could’ve happened, who is really doing this and why. Forbidden romance is also a thing as parabatai aren’t forbidden to fall in love and we find out just why – which breaks everybody’s heart from the beginning so be ready!

I am not sure where to begin with this review because I loved this book. I waited two years for this book so when I say I love this book, I love this book. For real. Those two years waiting was worth it as the writing, the characters, the world building became something so much more. It was better, Cassandra Clare grew as an author and gave us, her fans, something amazing.

I was worried I would have trouble remembering the new characters as I was used to a usual set of Shadow world characters but it was easier than expected. I also thought I wouldn’t like the characters as much as our main characters in her previous books but Clare put me in my spot – I adored her new characters. I adored Emma, Julian, Ty, Liv, Dru, Tavvy, Mark, Arthur and many more characters. Each individual is different and you start to bond with each one as the pages go by. The interaction between all the characters is what got me as I come from a large family. I loved seeing the family dynamics and how much they all loved one another.

One difference from the previous Shadowhunter books is the main character, Emma, and that she is already accustomed to the Shadowhunter world. It was different and fun seeing it through her eyes, more fun just being back in the world and continuing to learn more. I remember feeling giddy with excitement reading about runes and acquainting myself with the dynamics of it all again. I don’t understand why some people complain about more books based in this world – there is so much of it we still don’t know about and we get to continue learning about it! Also we touch more so on the Fae in this book, probably in this series altogether, and they are so fascinating. They can be evil but the magic about them, we are only just beginning to learn about.

The book is just a roller coaster of emotions (good ones!) and I was smiling ear to ear with each page. I do recommend reading the previous books as spoilers are throughout the book, though you don’t have to, but it is better to read them before heading into this one.  Basically what I am saying is read the other books and be ready for Lady Midnight because all you will be thinking about for the next months to come is, “When does the sequel come out?” Also, Julian will make your hormones (if you are female) go haywire because guys and kids? Um yes please. What the heck, he would probably even make men hormones go crazy.

I can’t believe Lady Midnight is out and in the world. I can’t believe I finished it. I want the experience to read it all over again. And again and again. It fulfilled my high expectations and set the bar high for the next book. I suppose I can wait for the next installment, if I don’t kill anyone from my Julian withdrawals. I gave Lady Midnight 5 stars that were well freaking deserved. Please read the books. That is all. Thank you readers for reading and I will have another blog post up soon,

Over and out.


April Wrap Up and May TBR (?)



monthly wrap up

May is here. April kind of sucked so here is to a better reading month! I kind of expected for April to be a bad reading month in that I had finals and I finally go home for the summer, so in short it really meant books weren’t a priority. I had grades to keep afloat and I barely had time to squeeze in 5 books, which is all I read in all of April. That’s like a book in less that a week. That is bad because, even though I didn’t put up a wrap up for March, I read 10 books in March! I expect to try and do better this month as I don’t have school and BEA is here in two weeks! I’m sure I’ll read on my flight to Chicago and hopefully gain some books to add to the never ending TBR list. Anyways, keep reading to see the books I read and my quick thoughts about them!

Lingus by Mariana Zapata and I gave this book 5 stars. I found this book through a friends recommendation on Instagram (if you don’t follow me, you should!) and her thoughts on it made me really want to read it and I am so glad I did. This book helped bring me out of my almost month long slump and at the best time. It starts out with the main character, Kat, at a porn convention and only gets better from there. Ignore the cover and read the book. You won’t regret it.
Prophecy of the Shadows (Elementals #1) by Michelle Madow and I gave this book 4 stars. I have been on Michelle Madow’s street team for a while and was waiting on the series to be completed so I could read them all but when the opportunity came for me to read this and the sequel, I jumped at the chance. I was also pleasantly surprised with this book, really enjoying the characters and the plot. The story goes into greek mythology and witches, the both intertwining and making one hell of a beginning of a series. The start of the story was a little sketchy but the ending makes up for it!
The Blood of the Hydra (Elementals #2) by Michelle Madow and I gave this book 4 stars. The sequel to Prophecy of the Shadows continues its fast paced storyline and may just have been a little better than the first. I don’t want to give anything away so just grab the first and begin the second. (Also if you sign up for Michelle’s newsletter on her website you can get the first book for free!)
The Baller by Vi Keeland and I gave this book 4 stars. I am a sucker for sports romances and I really enjoyed this one. Brody Easton is a pro quarterback and Delilah is the girl in the boys world of sports casting trying to make a name for herself and show she can do it as a woman. The two are thrown together and duh sparks fly. Delilah wants to be taken as a professional whereas Brody wants to flirt and eventually have sex. I loved these two characters and enjoyed the banter, little sports statistic fights and Brody always over sexualizing things or sexualizing something, anything with Delilah. I hope to read more by Keeland soon, especially if they are as good as The Baller.
How to Save a Life by Emma Scott and I gave this book 5 stars. I loved this book. Like I really, really loved this book. Two misfits just trying to get out of high school in one piece and find their place in the world. Please read this book. One of my favorites of the year.


So I have yet to really make a TBR this month because I kind of want to relax. Also BEA is in two weeks. I already said that but still, it’s BEA. I will be at BEA for the first time. Ever. I’m excited to see all my internet friends and make new ones! If you are going to BEA please let me know, I don’t know what I’m doing and would love company. I have an idea of what I’ll be reading and you can see that below:
Bright Blaze of Magic (Black Blade #3) by Jennifer Estep. This is the third and final installment in the Black Blade series. I have reviews for the first book and you can read it here: Cold Burn of Magic
The Raven King (The Raven Cycle #4) by Maggie Stiefvater. This is the fourth and final book in the Raven Cycle series, a series I am so excited to read about the conclusion and one of my most anticipated books this year.

That is the only two books I have planned for this month, the rest are most likely something I’ll pick up from BEA but I’ll be sure to post them either on my IG or Twitter so be sure to follow me on both! I will also be posting a review of my days at BEA so be on the watch for those this month as well. Thank you for reading and I will have another post up soon,

Over and out.

Excerpt Reveal: Marry Screw Kill by Liv Morris



marry screw kill excerpt


“When drowning, one grabs the first lifeline thrown without regard to

who holds the rope.”

James silences his blaring alarm clock in the early morning darkness of our

bedroom. He falls back on the bed with a sigh as I face the wall, feigning sleep.

Not moving a muscle, I wait for what comes next. He’ll either get out of bed or

climb on top of me. When I sense a slight movement from his side of the bed, I

hold my breath.

“Come here, Harlow.” His hand curls around my waist and he rolls my body

over to face him. Morning sex it is. He pushes away the tangled bed hair covering

my eyes as I blink the sleep from them. “There’s my beautiful girl.” He kisses my

forehead with a soft brush of his lips.

“Morning,” I reply in a sleepy, hoarse voice. He pulls down the twisted covers

and exposes our naked bodies. His gaze travels over me, lingering on his favorite

spots—ones he knows very well.

“What a sight to wake up to.” He hovers above my body and looks down at

me with hooded eyes. “My day is always better when I start it inside you. Now,

spread those long legs so I can fuck you.”

I part my legs and my day begins…

marry screw kill teaser 1


**Release date April 25th**

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:




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Marry, f, kills


There are two men in my life. I’m marrying one, want to screw the brains out of another, and by the time this story is over you may want to kill someone.

The choices are still pending…

A NO CHEATING standalone you need to read sitting down.


About the Author:

 Liv Morris

Liv Morris

USA Today bestselling author, Liv Morris, was raised in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. She now resides on the rock known as St. Croix, USVI with her first and hopefully last husband. After relocating twelve times during his corporate career, she qualifies as a professional mover. Learning to bloom where she’s planted, Liv brings her moving and life experience to her writing.

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Cover Reveal: Marry Screw Kill by Liv Morris



Marry, f, kills


There are two men in my life. I’m marrying one, want to screw the brains out of another, and by the time this story is over you may want to kill someone.

The choices are still pending…

(A NO CHEATING standalone you need to read sitting down.)


**Release date April 25th**





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marry screw kill teaser use


About the Author:

Liv Morris

Liv Morris

USA Today bestselling author, Liv Morris, was raised in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. She now resides on the rock known as St. Croix, USVI with her first and hopefully last husband. After relocating twelve times during his corporate career, she qualifies as a professional mover. Learning to bloom where she’s planted, Liv brings her moving and life experience to her writing.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

Cover Reveal: Unknown by Wendy Higgins



Hey guys, here is the cover for Wendy Higgins’ new book Unknown which is also her first New Adult book! Wendy is also graciously putting up a few chapters of Unknown on her Wattpad for a preview and you can see that here.


UNKNOWN by Wendy Higgins
Apocalyptic Sci-Fi NA Romance
Coming August 16, 2016
Amber Tate believes the worst thing she’ll suffer in life is dealing with the unrequited love she feels for her brother’s best friend, Rylen Fite. She also believes war is something unfortunate that happens places far, far away from her rural Nevada town. She’s wrong on both counts.

When an unknown organization meticulously bombs major cities in the United States and across the globe, a trickle-down effect spreads to remaining towns at an alarming speed—everything from food and water sources to technological communications are compromised. Without leadership, the nation is split between paralysis and panic, but Amber isn’t one to hide or watch helplessly. She’s determined to put her nursing skills to use, despite the danger, even if it means working alongside the man she can never have.

In this first installment of NY Times bestselling author, Wendy Higgins’s debut New Adult series, a frighteningly realistic apocalyptic America is brought to life, entwined with searing romantic tension that will leave you eager for more.

Learn about the origins of the story in this blog post:
Author Bio:
Wendy Higgins is the USA Today and NYT bestselling author of the Sweet Evil series from HarperTeen, the high fantasy duology The Great Hunt, and her independently published Irish fantasy, See Me. She is a former high school English teacher who now writes full time, and lives on the Eastern Shore of Virginia with her veterinarian husband, daughter, son, and doggie Rue. 
Wendy earned a bachelor’s in Creative Writing from George Mason University and a master’s in Curriculum and Instruction from Radford University. 

Unpopular Opinions Book Tag


Hey guys I have another book tag for you today! I saw this going around BookTube awhile ago and have been wanting to do it. The tag was created by TheBookArcher and you can check out her channel here.


1. Popular book or series that you didn’t like.

(I am about to get so much hate for this but …)

Shatter me

I really love the covers for this series but I didn’t see what the hype over these books were. I read the first and had that ‘eh’ feeling and then skim read the second one and didn’t even bother with the last book in the series. I have thought about revisiting the series but honestly I don’t know if I ever will. It’s not a bad series but I didn’t love it like everyone else did.

2. Popular book or series that everyone hates but you love.


I don’t think people ‘hate’ this series but I have seen several bad reviews about the series in general where I really enjoyed it. I haven’t read the next two in the series, though I really should because if they were as good as the first then I assume I would really enjoy them.

3. A long triangle where the main character ended up with the person you did NOT want them to end up OR and OTP you do not like.


My 13 year old self is still steaming over Bella not picking Jacob. I know she is better with Edward and Jacob got his happily ever after but goodness I was bitter when I was younger. It may be that I just wanted Jacob.

4. A popular book genre you hardly reach for.

Anything historical fiction or high fantasy. I can’t seem to get into the worlds as easy and I didn’t like history when I was younger so it felt like a chore to read. Though I did read Outlander and I really liked it so I’m ‘hoping’ to get into more of it.

5. A popular beloved character you did not like.


I can’t tell you how much I hated this lady. Like every inch of my soul was for her to die in the books.

6. A popular author you can’t seem to get into to.


Jennifer L Armentrout is literally everywhere. Her books are on my instagram and twitter feed but I can’t seem to read them. I tried reading her Covenant series and immediately disliked them as they felt like a copy cat of Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series. I read her Obsidian series and liked them enough to read the series but as the final books came out I slowly lost interest. I haven’t even attempted her NA books though everyone says they are great.

7. A popular book trop you are tired of seeing.

Of course I’m going to mention love triangles. They are super predictable most of the time and sometimes keep me from reading the book if they aren’t introduced right. Also does trilogies count? I would enjoy a series much more if it was a two book series or with enough world building to be more than four.

8. A popular series you have no interest in reading.


I remember reading the first and after (haha pun) I knew I wouldn’t finish the series. Writing isn’t bad but I just feel like the characters were interesting enough and I really dislike the relationship between the two main characters.

9. “The book is always better than the movie.” But what movie or TV show do you prefer over the book.

The maze runner

The Maze Runner book at best was ok. Interesting enough for me to read the second but not the third. I was iffy about watching the movie but after I did I was surprised by how much I liked more so than the book. I still have yet to see the sequel though.

OK so that was the Unpopular Opinions Book Tag! If you would like to do this tag, go for it, and let me know if you did so I could see it. I hope you enjoy these tags as I have a lot of fun writing down my answers and typing them out for you to see. Thank you readers for reading and my Monthly Wrap Up should be out the day after tomorrow, until then,

Over and out.

Book Review: Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs


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Iron Kissed

Iron Kissed – Patricia Briggs

Release Date: January 2nd 2008

Ace: Urban Fantasy

321 pages (Kindle edition)

You can read this review and others on my Goodreads. (Don’t be shy to send a friend request as well! I have a review up for the first book in its series here and the second here. Be aware this will have some spoilers as it is the third in its series, read with caution!

I gave the last Mercy book, Blood Bound, 4 stars and this one definitely surpassed the previous! I loved this book, Briggs brought something to the book that not many authors can’t fully introduce and go though properly. I cheered and cried through the events Mercy went through and I loved Adam even more in this one. I really feel like Mercy has her sights on a certain werewolf over the other and I am very happy with her decision.

The last book focused more on the vampires in Mercy’s Tri Cities and one of her best friends Raphael, the vampire who needed her help in finding out a rogue demonic vamp who was on a killing spree. Mercy got through it and got some enemies but as always she came out on top. In Iron Kissed the fae are introduced – Zee, Mercy’s mentor, and a powerful fae has been taken into custody by his own kind for a crime he didn’t do after Mercy had been called in to help with mystery fae murders on the Walla Walla reservation, ending with her in the middle of it all. Mercy decides its up to her, as she is the only person to do it, to clear his name despite the more enemies she may make and the trials she will face.

I was excited knowing that this book was going to be set around the fae, getting to know why they are ruthless and dangerous creatures yet powerful and alluring in their own ways. Honestly, they did creep me out at times though I knew Mercy had it handled, especially since she had an Alpha werewolf practically in her backyard and a dominant and old love werewolf living in the room next to hers. The romance in book 3 continues to hit up and come near an end, though I don’t feel as if Mercy is stringing any of the guys along as they do as they please, trying to get her to pick.

Gah I love how intense this series gets as each book comes out! The fighting and world building only continues to get better. The antagonist are always my favorite part of the story being that I know for a face Mercy is going to kick some ass but the bad guy in this installment made me want to save Mercy and give her a big hug and never let go. Briggs went the extra mile with the hell Mercy had to go through in order to save Zee and maker sure her city/friends and family were safe. But that is what I love about Mercy, no matter the circumstance or how traumatized she may turn out, she knows she would do it again if the outcome was safe for everyone around her. I hated what she had to go through and though it is cliché – it made her stronger. Which is bad for the next antagonist because an even stronger and badass Mercy? Damn, I feel sorry for them.

The story only continues to go uphill as you begin the book so I highly, highly, recommend reading the series and get started on this awesome Mercy-fest! Overall I gave this book 5 stars and it probably my favorite of the series so far. Thank you readers for reading and I will have another blog post up soon.

Over and out.

Giveaway! Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare


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Hey guys this is a quick giveaway post since I have an extra copy of Lady Midnight. I have already posted the giveaway on my Instagram and Twitter if you would like to enter there too! Rules are on each social media site but here on the blog you must be a follower and comment what you’re excited about with this new Shadowhunter series!
Follow me and the rules on IG and Twitter if you want better odds at winning. I am @BookFanatic757 on both so go forth and enter!

Thank you guys for following and don’t forget to comment on this post so I know you’ve entered! I will pick a winner next Friday, so you have a week to get your entries in. Good luck!
Over and out.

A Book Tag



Lady Midnight

Hey guys, I wanted to do something a little different other than book reviews because some are coming your way and I don’t want to bore you with them. I thought that I could do a little book tag that let you know a little more about me and my reading habits and such. I don’t know who I should tag particularly so just leave in the comments on your answers, I’d love to see them!


Q1. Bookmark or random piece of paper?

  • I actually hoard a lot of my bookmarks and use them as something to hold on to and stare at because I own several. Most of the time I just try to memorize the page I stop at or guess and check by flipping through the pages until I find my spot. Sometimes when I remember I will carry a bookmark but for the most part I just collect them.

Q2. Do you have a certain place at home for reading?

  • Since I am at school my reading spot is either my bed or the Barnes & Noble down the street when I’m through studying. When the whether is nice I like to sit under this tower clock in the courtyard next to a chapel and behind the cafeteria. It’s really beautiful to sit against the bricks and watch nearby students walk to and from class.

Q3. Do you eat or drink while reading?

  • Hmmm. I’d say it’s half and half. Half of the time I will munch on some chips or animal crackers with water or iced coffee. The other half I’m too immersed within the book that I can’t do anything other than read.

Q4. One book at a time or several at once?

  • When I was younger I would only read one book at a time but as I grew older and there was too many books I bought at once I would start to read maybe two at the same time. Though they had to be two completely different genres that way I don’t get confused with the worlds and such and I only do this when I’m in a slump that way one or the other will get me out of that slump.

Q5. Can you stop reading anytime you want or do you have to stop at a certain point or chapter, page, part etc.?

  • If it is a book I am really invested in then I will probably pull an all nighter trying to finish it. But most of the time I will stop at a chapter unless it gets really good then I try to only stop when I can wait till the next part. I also am really fond of even number, I don’t know why, but if I stop on a page it has to be an even number.

Q6. Can you read while listening to music or watching TV?

  • I actually cannot read without listening to music. It’s like I can’t get into the groove of reading until I have my headphones in my ears and I am jamming out to my favorite songs. When I am reading you will catch me nodding or tapping my fingers to the beat and either singing or humming along to the music. I  multitask so it’s weird to do just one thing for me. Rarely will I watch TV and read but when I do I’ll read when the show gets boring or during commercials.

Q7. Do you read ahead or skip pages?

  • When the book gets boring to the point where if I don’t find out what the heck is going on and debate on DNF-ing the book then I’ll probably skip to the end or skim a  few pages until it gets good but that’s rare.

Q8. Do you write in books?

  • No. Once during my junior year in AP English my teacher made the class write in whatever book we read as a class which totaled to about 6 different books. When I realized what we had to do I was appalled – write in books? Purposely? I didn’t like it but it was either write in the book or fail so I chose the latter. I didn’t like it but I did it.

Q9. Read at home or everywhere?

  • Um both? I have a book with me wherever I go whether it’s a physical copy or an e-book on my phone. I don’t mind reading anywhere or at home though I prefer home in my bed with a drink and my dog next to me.

Q10. Reading out loud or silently in your head?

  • Silently in my head. I am self conscious about reading out loud and I read faster silently anyways. Sometimes I will mouth the words or when I am getting bored I’ll whisper in a English accent to try and make it more appealing but then I go back to reading silently.


Ok that was The Book Tag. A very bland name but kind of fun. If you would like to do this or answer the questions down in the comments – go for it! If you like these type of things or want to see something different let me know that way I don’t drown y’alls inbox with reviews after reviews. Thank you readers for reading and I will have another blog post up soon.

Over and out.

Book Review: Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs


, ,

Blood Bound.png

Blood Bound – Patricia Briggs

Release Date: Jan 30th 2007

Ace: Urban Fantasy

306 pages (Kindle edition)

You can read this review and others on my Goodreads. (Don’t be shy to send a friend request as well! I have a review up for the first book in its series and you can read that here. Be aware this will have spoilers as it is the second in its series, read with caution!

We have made it to the second book in the Mercy Thompson series and so far I know I want to keep reading and learning more about Mercy’s world, the wolves, the fae and the vampires which we get to see more of in this book. Because Mercy is able to shape shift into a coyote , she assists a friend, Stephan, who is a vampire, to help out with whatever message Stephan needs to give to one of his own kind. Though the meeting doesn’t go out as planned and this vampire isn’t quite all vampire. Of course Mercy manages to get herself into the sticky situations with the vamps and her two wolf suitors are along for the ride to help her, the sexy Alpha wolf Adam and the lone dominant, childhood love, Samuel.

Usually love triangles are not my forte and I try to stay away from books that have that mentality but with Mercy it is pretty well known who she would pick and I think both men know that too, though that doesn’t stop them from giving chase. Don’t worry, the triangle doesn’t take the main spot of the book, which I appreciate, and we get down to business pretty fast.

As I said the book revolves more so around the vampires and their dynamics, handling the wrong certain vamps have made and seeing it through to justice, or so they think. They are also quite evil, not upped to look like something we see out of a movie or anything less of a vampire. They are crazy and hands down real. It’s a twist on the standard idea of vampires, still blood sucking creeps and some powers you wouldn’t expect but definitely not standard. It also helped that the main antagonist was a demon-like vampire who took what he wanted, able to possess the mimicking voice of anyone he came in contact with and used it at his liking to scare others.

Mercy is still one of my favorite characters – she isn’t dainty and doesn’t wait to be saved. She goes for the problem head on and then decides whether or not her decisions were the right to make, though usually they are. She is strong in her own way and can handle herself through anything thrown her way even wolves, vampires and fae alike. She is also human in her own sense, she is scared and she does get hurt. Not that it would keep her down, however it shows her what not to do the next time a threat comes around. Another great aspect is that Mercy is a fighter – if she can fight and end her battles, she will.

This leads to the action part of the book which Briggs’ gives enough if not more of and I enjoyed all the blood and gore. It wasn’t too much as many would think but just enough, dead bodies are being left for the vamps to find and Mercy and her friends to help find out why. The side characters are always a blast to read and learn more about, such as Gabriel’s, who helps Mercy out at her shop, many little sisters, the rest of Adam’s pack and the ghosts that Mercy is able to come in contact with. We also get to delve a little more into the pack dynamics and find out that it is one of the few things Mercy is afraid of falling into and getting lost in.

In the end no fight is too much for Mercy and her friends to handle and with the help of two amazing hot wolves who would lay down their lives for her doesn’t hurt either. Personally I am all for Adam, Samuel had his chance but now I think its time for Adam to have his reign and show just how far he can go for Mercy – which I think is pretty damn far.

Overall I gave the book 4 stars and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series. Please jump on the bandwagon and find out why everyone gushes about this series and join me with the next reviews to come! Thank you readers for reading and I will have another blog post up soon.

Over and out.