Review Policy:
1. These reviews are my own opinions, my words.
2. I am not paid to review books by authors, publishers, publicists, etc. I review books because I love what I do as a reader/blogger.
3. The books that I review are have/receive are by:
    -the library
    -books I have bought myself
    -books gifted by family and friends
    -giveaway wins from another blogger, Goodreads, or an author (not in exchange for a review)
    -review copies that have been given by an author or publisher in exchange for a review
4. I use the Goodreads rating system, which is as follows:
-1 star: did not like
-2 stars: it was okay
-3 stars: liked it
-4 stars: loved it

5. As of now I can only accept any physical book or ARC and on occasions Kindle copies but that is the only galley I will take being that PDF’s and others are difficult for my Kindle to obtain.

6. In addition to posting my reviews here on my blog, I will also post on Goodreads, Amazon.com, and NetGalley (if possible). I also share them through Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. If I’m receiving an ARC copy, I will do my best to have my review posted a week to two weeks before the publication date (as long as I’ve received the book well in advance).

Please make sure to include the following in the request:

1. Your name

2. The name of the book

3. A book cover

4. Brief summary

5. Release date of the book

**I will have my reviews as spoiler-free as possible, though usually I am too excited and will let a loose spoiler out but I will be sure to let readers know about any upcoming spoiler in a review! Unless stated

**Also I would like to point out I am not the most ‘professional’ blogger/reviewer, I do joke around in my reviews and fangirl a lot. This is what I love to do and I will do it my way and if some may not like it your are entitled to not read my review or not ask my to review a book.


Unless stated all giveaways are run by me, meaning I put money into buying books and sending them out. I am by no means rich and books sure aren’t cheap. Please respect the rules and entries, if I ask to follow on Twitter and you win, do not unfollow me. I WILL disqualify you from the contest and if there is more trouble I will ban you from any further giveaways.

I am beginning to try and frequent my giveaways based on my follower count or due to the many signings I attend in my area. If you enter a giveaway please follow through.

I buy my books mainly through Amazon or wherever is cheapest and the copies I send out are in as best condition as I can get them, some may not and if that is a problem then by all means do not enter.

Also when entering your personal entry will not be required, though I may ask for your address if you are to win and that will not be shown to anyone but for my eyes only. Whatever social media you use to enter with I will most likely announce the winner there and winners have 48 hours to reply and if not I will move on to the next winner.


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