The Shape of My Heart

ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

On Twitter I follow another blogger, Mary, and always buy books based on her recent recommendations list and watch her weekly wrap up checking to see if any books have caught her attention and that I should be on the lookout on as well. At the time I was reading one of Ann Aguirre’s books though it was a YA novel and saw that Mary had just finished one of Ann Aguirre’s New Adult books. I was surprised that she wrote new adult and of course I looked into it and decided I had to get the books. But I had no money so that left me to envy Mary as she read the first two books in the 2B trilogy and I waited until my time arrived to read them.

Then NetGalley became my savior. The Shape of My Heart, which is the last in its trilogy, was listed to be requested and I had never requested a book so fast. As you can tell I was able to receive the book and I was ecstatic. Immediately I began to read it and was automatically in love with the two MC – Courtney and Max.

Courtney has had many loose end relationships that could never compare to her first love in high school that she lost. But she has made some amazing friends since, especially in her roommate/best friend Max. However Max has that bad boy vibe that screams loneliness because he has been on his own since he was sixteen. Now that he has to find out if he can come home the only person he trusts to go with him is Courtney.  On this trip is where Man wants to show Courtney that there is a second chance at finding love and happiness.

Immediately I threw myself into Courtney and Max’s story and could not get enough of the two characters! We are introduced to Courtney as an angst college student who hasn’t had the best time in dating both guys AND girls. See this is what I liked about this book is that the author wasn’t afraid to introduce the idea of bisexual characters in the book! I enjoyed reading about how Max teased her about getting female roommate she may be attracted to.

Anyways we also see that Max and Courtney are super close that you automatically assume they are together. However they are in fact great friends that wouldn’t even think about being a couple….

Or so they think.

I am a sucker for friends to couple books because I will forever cheer for the friends to be together. It’s romantic and cute.

Like other reviewers, I’d say that Max was my favorite part of the story. He is shown as a player type of guy, manwhore, flirtatious and really really good looking. But underneath he is just the sweetest person every. I loved how he didn’t hide his past from Courtney, he bared it all to her – his feelings and fears.

My favorite part of the story was probably the leading up to their relationship. Courtney saw herself as plain whereas Max saw her as the best thing that could ever happen to him.

After reading Max and Courtney’s story, I am eager to read the rest of the 2B series and tackle the rest or Aguirre’s works.

Overall I gave the book about 4 stars and as of right now saving to get the others in its series. Thank you for reading and thank you NetGalley and the publisher for the read! I will have another blog post up soon…

Over and Out!