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Moon Called

Moon Called – Patricia Briggs

Release Date: January 31st 2006

Ace: Urban Fantasy

317 pages (Kindle edition)

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I have just gotten myself out of the worst reading slump ever! Sure I picked up books and read through them but they were getting boring, the same old song and dance with each book I finished. Though after reading Moon Called, I became hooked with this series!

It’s been awhile since I have been in the Fantasy/Paranormal world and where the characters aren’t teenagers. I loved this refreshing read and getting back into a genre other than contemporary and New Adult. Patricia Briggs brought out a great debut to a series and once I finished book 1 I immediately bought book 2 and 3 because I just knew they were going to be as great as this one.

Mercy Thompson is a Walker, she can shift into a coyote and while that may not seem as cool as turning into a werewolf I thought it was different and one of the many things that caught my attention from the beginning. She lives in a world where vampires are lurking about, witches are real, the fae are practically everywhere and an Alpha werewolf and his pack live right behind her trailer. It all seems like too much but every character and their affiliation is introduced perfectly and at the right times.

Mercy is that type of character where trouble seems to find her but unlike some protagonists she doesn’t need to voice for help, she can save her own skin and can very well prove it but that doesn’t mean her Alpha wolf neighbor Adam won’t step in from time to time. While I started to get bored of the romance books the relationship Adam and Mercy had was an interesting one, they had that hate-love relationship where anyone with eyes could tell they were attracted to one another but they never acted upon it. With Adam around and growing up in the wolf pack life Mercy knew the ups and downs about pack and being in pack. Learning about the pack dynamic was another intriguing aspect of the book that I am eager to learn more about and to see where Mercy fits into all of it.

Other than Adam we meet other werewolves in the story, most of them from Adam’s pack, but some old friends that Mercy was reluctant to see again such as Samuel, Mercy’s kind of old flame. Samuel introduces the idea of a love triangle that I may or may have not rolled my eyes at. Though I lessened my dislike for him when we get to see how strong he is that intertwine well with his gentle heart that pulled on my heart strings a little. We also meet Bran, the Marrok, or ruler of all werewolves, Samuel’s father and Mercy’s father figure she had while growing up in his pack.

The magic aspect in the book was not geared just toward the fae but also the persuasion of vampires and their fangs. But a magic I did not expect was pack magic and how the alpha can take his strength from his pack and vice versa. I’m really hoping we get more of an idea about all of this later down the road with the next books. The book isn’t complex at all and was a quick and easy read, one I enjoyed and am most likely continuing with the sequels.

I hope you all take a chance to read the series and get a good look at Mercy and the gang as they hop onto their adventures that Mercy probably got them into. I know this review may seem kind of vague but I don’t want to give too much away so go read it! Thank you readers for reading and I will have another blog post up soon!

Over and out.